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Added February 22, 2014:

Ron Grainer "The Australian Years"

An excellent blog about Ron Grainer:

While the details of Australian composer Ron Grainer's music career in England are quite extensively described online, Rons early life in Australia has always been something of a mystery. Also links to:

Ron Grainer "The European Years" blog
Ron Grainer "A Collectors Guide" blog

Added January 25, 2014:

On The Level
"Delia and Unit Delta Plus created music and sound effects for Ron Grainer's second play On The Level, a musical which opened in late February 1966 at The Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool and was repeated at the Saville Theatre in London, opening on 19th April 1966."

More on the Wikipedia page!

Added November 26, 2013:

The Omega Man
Score Analysis by Dirk Wickenden
Originally published in Legend, issue 24 (1997)
The Goldsmith Film Music Society journal
Text reproduced by permission of the author, Dirk Wickenden, including minor updates in 2013.

Added November 08, 2013: Newly disvcovered article

Newly discovered article from radio Times, March 13, 1969: "Ron Grainer, Mr. Music of the small screen talks with David Griffiths"

Added August 25, 2013: "WINDSOR - GUESTS OF THE DUKE"

Ron gets royal guided tour of Windsor Castle! British Pathé video clip.

"Various shots of the cast and crew of the film 'Some People' are shown around the outside of the castle by Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh). Commentator tells us the film deals in part with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme."

Added June 12, 2013: London Music Works - The Film & TV Theme Extravaganza Music Works - The Film & TV Theme Extravaganza

London Music Works - The Film & TV Theme Extravaganza,

Islington Assembly Hall,
Upper Street,
N1, 2UD London,

9th July


Vocalion have released "Ron Grainer & His Orchestra THE MAIGRET THEME & OTHER FILM AND TV THEMES SINGLES".

You can order here... Content:

The Maigret Theme

  • The Maigret Theme (Grainer)
  • Bistro (Grainer)
  • Night Prowl (Grainer)
  • Petit Louis (Grainer)
  • Arlette (Grainer)
  • Golden Fleece (Grainer)
  • Getaway (Grainer)
  • Along the Boulevards (Grainer)
  • Lost Memory (Grainer)
  • Poker Face (Grainer)
  • Ginette (Grainer)
  • Thieves’ Den (Grainer)
  • Midnight in Montmartre (Grainer)
  • The Maigret Theme (Grainer)

other film and TV themes singles
Recorded between 1961-77

  • Petit Louis (from TV series “Maigret”) (Grainer) RG
  • That Was the Week that Was (Grainer; Sherrin) RG
  • Indian Blues (Grainer) RG
  • Station Six Sahara (from film) (Grainer) RG
  • Theme from the film “Sparrows Can’t Sing” (Bart) RSO
  • The Seventh Dawn (from film) (Ortolani; Webster) RSO
  • Main theme from film “Lolita” (Harris) TRO
  • My Lost Love (from film “Big Red”) (Sherman; Sherman) IRCO TR
  • Sky West and Crooked (from film) (Arnold) TW
  • Madrigal (from film “The Chalk Garden”) (Arnold) TW
  • The Kiss (theme from TV series “Love Story”) (Parnell) JP
  • “The Hidden Truth” theme (from TV series) (Parnell) JP
  • The Iron Maiden (from film) (Rogers) ER
  • Sweet and Sour (the “Bootsie and Snudge” TV series theme) (Franks; Rusby) GF
  • Theme from the TV series “Sam Benedict” (Riddle) GF
  • “Hand in Hand” theme (from film) (Black) SB
  • The Last Tycoon (from film) (Jarre) JD

Singles’ artists: RG Ron Grainer & his Orchestra; RSO Roland Shaw Orchestra; TRO The Raymonde Orchestra; IRCO Ivor Raymonde, his Chorus & Orchestra; TW The Wayfarers; JP Jack Parnell Orchestra; ER Eric Rogers & his Orchestra; GF Gordon Franks & his Orchestra; SB Stanley Black, his Piano & Orchestra; JD John Dankworth with the Maurice Jarre Orchestra

CDLK 4404

Sleeve notes were written by Geoff Leonard & Pete Walker.

October 22, 2008: Film Score Montly re-issue Ron's The Omega Man CD

In a surprise move, indeed, we believe, an unprecedented move, Film Score Monthly have re-issued Ron's The Omega Man CD. This was originally issued a few years ago and strictly limited to 3000 copies, but on deciding to reissue it, Lukas Kendall was influenced by a number of factors.

Principal amongst these was the demand from collectors and the availability of an improved master, but he also took into consideration the criminals selling CD-Rs of the original on eBay for vast sums and not being able to prevent it.

The new CD does not feature liner notes — only a six-panel fold-out booklet — but the complete original liner notes as well as new commentary prepared for this edition can be downloaded free on the FSM site.

July 21, 2008: "John Barry - The Man With the Midas Touch"

We are delighted to announce that our new book "John Barry - The Man With the Midas Touch" will be published this autumn, to coincide with John Barry’s 75th birthday in November.

Pre-order now! Please visit this page.

June 16, 2008: New section added to filmography / discography

We have added a new section to the filmography / discography: Miscellaneous recordings by other artists and film/TV music on DVD

May 12, 2008: New photo added

Once again we are delighted to announce some very welcome updates to the site, with many thanks to Damian Grainer and to our regret with great delay on our side.

September 17, 2007: New photo added

Mr. Marcus Brierley has graciously sent us a photo of Ron in Portugal ca. 1971 working with
the Portuguese water boring engineers.

March 11, 2007: link to The Sunday Times article on the Doctor Who theme

From The Sunday Times March 11, 2007 The regeneration game. Update the theme tune for Doctor Who? I’d rather take on the Daleks, says Dan Cairns Article...

September 11, 2006: New material added

We're delighted to announce some very welcome updates to the site, with many thanks to Damian Grainer. These range from a photo of father and son (and dog!) to Ron's Pianoforte grade examination results!

July 28, 2006: Photos of Ron Grainer added to site

We are extremely grateful to Marjorie Scully, nee Grainer, Ron's sister, for providing us with two excellent photos of Ron - the first we have. We hope to add more over the following weeks ...

July 6, 2006: Ron Grainer entered in theAustralian Dictionary and Biography

Ron Grainer's sister and only sibling Marjorie Scully has informed us that next year he will be entered in the next edition of The Australian Dictionary and Biography. At last.

May 22, 2006: Ron Grainer entry on the EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPE BBC Programme Catalogue

We have added a link to the Ron Grainer entry on the EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPE BBC Programme Catalogue (update April 2010, link now says "This experimental prototype trial has now concluded."

May 03, 2006: Tales of the Unexpected CD to be released

Breaking News

We are pleased to announce that a new CD featuring over 70 minutes of Ron's music from Tales of the Unexpected will be released later this year. Compiled from the master tapes relating to a number of episodes, this long-overdue album will be warmly received by all fans of this marvellous composer.

More details when we have them ....

April 15, 2006: Additions to biography, discography
Thanks to Jenny Grainer, Roger Goodman and the British Film Institute we are pleased to announce a significant update to the Ron Grainer site.

Corrections and additions have been made to the biography and several more film and TV credits have been added, most of them previously unknown to your authors.

We will continue to add to the website as and when new material comes to hand. In the meantime, please tell your friends about our site!!!

March 21, 2006: Additions to biography
Many thanks to Jenny Grainer for updating our biography of Ron. As time goes by we hope to be expanding it considerably and also adding photos.

March 21, 2006: Googled?
We are making a concerted effort to improve the Google search ranking for this site. It is already number 1 on but very low indeed on Google and not a great deal better on Yahoo.

We think we have done all the right things to boost its ratings, via links from other sites etc., but have made little impact to date.

Searching under "Ron Grainer website" makes a big difference - we are actually no. 1 on Google - but we need it to work with just a "Ron Grainer" search.

Feel free to suggest anything to Webmaster Ruud!!

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