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John Barry - The Man With The Midas Touch

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Three new Blu-ray/DVD contain original music suites by John Barry!
added January 28, 2015
The Tamarind Seed - |DVD - Blu RayMonday 9th February is a red-letter day for fans of John Barry! This is the official release date of three Network DVD/blu-ray editions of films he scored, and, as part of the special features, each contains music suites comprising of the greater part of each score.

A very faithful re-recording of Raise the Titanic was released on CD some years ago, but this will be the first opportunity to hear Barry's score without the distraction of dialogue, and, for the most part, sound effects. The suite contains more than 40 minutes of music.

The Tamarind Seed has been the subject of bootleg CDs over the years, and appeals for an official release have been ignored to date. Fans will therefore be delighted to learn there are two music suites on the DVD/blu-ray! The first contains virtually every note of Barry's score, while the second contains not only two takes of Wilma Reading's Pye single, Play It Again, but also two versions of Barry & Don Black's first attempt at a song, namely The End, performed by Danny Street. This will be the first time it has been heard by all but a handful of the original film makers!

Lastly, we have The Legend of the Lone Ranger. Recorded by Barry in Paris in 1980, during his exile from the UK, the original LP consisted of only 26 minutes of music. The suite included here is more than twice this length and includes all the music in the film composed or arranged by John Barry. Moreover, there is a second suite consisting of the various vocals and narrations by Merle Haggard which are heard throughout the film.

Each release will also contain a booklet comprised of photographs from the film and notes on the film and music by Pete Walker & Geoff Leonard.

All the releases will be available from Network at the very competitive prices of £9.18 for the blu-ray or £6.98 for the DVD. For further information, please click on the following links:

Order Raise the Titanic here
Order The Tamarind Seed here
Order The Legend of the Lone Ranger here

Raise The Titanic - |DVD - Blu Ray The Legend of the Lone Rangger - DVD - Blu Ray

The Tamarind Seed - Soundtrack Suite

Raise the Titanic - Soundtrack Suite

Legend of the Lone Ranger - Soundtrack Suite

John Barry - The Early Years CDNew CD: John Barry The Early Years
We are pleased to announce that a new John Barry CD is now available.

"John Barry - The Early Years" is a compilation album focusing on the years 1959-1962, in which every track features a Barry arrangement or composition.

Fewer than 200 left!!!

More information and ordering here...


Our book "John Barry - The Man With the Midas Touch" is still available. Order now! The book is also available from high street bookshops and the usual online (film-music) stores.


now £14.99 (ca. $23.75)
(was £19.99)

p&p added automatically when ordering:

post free
£9 (ca. $ 14)
USA / Rest of world
£18 (ca. $28)

If you have any problems ordering or
if you want the book sent registered.
The book will shortly be out of print and no further copies
will be available - order now to avoid disappointment.

USA / Rest of world  
Alternatively, you can visit to order. The book will not be available via US stores but it should be possible to order via

Reader comments:

"If you haven’t bought a copy, do so."

neotrinity, on FSM board

"Those who bought the first book, but haven't bothered with The Man With The Midas Touch, that the second book is so much more comprehensive, containing such detailed information that I really don't know how the authors came across these facts. Their research is so informative.

"It's a great read of over 300 pages...and the design is much improved."

Hansbudgie, on FSM board

"Having purchased both (though I no longer own the first release), I found the second to be a far better read. Well worth the price of a new CD release!"

MusicMad, on FSM board


Webmaster Ruud (l.) and site owner and author and John Barry biographer Geoff Leonard (r.) are pictured with Sian Barry Prendergast at the British Museum, London in 2011.

Sian and her family had travelled from her home in Sweden for her father's memorial concert at The Royal Albert Hall, which took place on June 20.

Photo © ℗ Ruud Rozemeijer.


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Enjoy our site.

Geoff Leonard, Bristol.

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