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The Maigret Theme

  • The Maigret Theme (Grainer)
  • Bistro (Grainer)
  • Night Prowl (Grainer)
  • Petit Louis (Grainer)
  • Arlette (Grainer)
  • Golden Fleece (Grainer)
  • Getaway (Grainer)
  • Along the Boulevards (Grainer)
  • Lost Memory (Grainer)
  • Poker Face (Grainer)
  • Ginette (Grainer)
  • Thieves’ Den (Grainer)
  • Midnight in Montmartre (Grainer)
  • The Maigret Theme (Grainer)

other film and TV themes singles
Recorded between 1961-77

  • Petit Louis (from TV series “Maigret”) (Grainer) RG
  • That Was the Week that Was (Grainer; Sherrin) RG
  • Indian Blues (Grainer) RG
  • Station Six Sahara (from film) (Grainer) RG
  • Theme from the film “Sparrows Can’t Sing” (Bart) RSO
  • The Seventh Dawn (from film) (Ortolani; Webster) RSO
  • Main theme from film “Lolita” (Harris) TRO
  • My Lost Love (from film “Big Red”) (Sherman; Sherman) IRCO TR
  • Sky West and Crooked (from film) (Arnold) TW
  • Madrigal (from film “The Chalk Garden”) (Arnold) TW
  • The Kiss (theme from TV series “Love Story”) (Parnell) JP
  • “The Hidden Truth” theme (from TV series) (Parnell) JP
  • The Iron Maiden (from film) (Rogers) ER
  • Sweet and Sour (the “Bootsie and Snudge” TV series theme) (Franks; Rusby) GF
  • Theme from the TV series “Sam Benedict” (Riddle) GF
  • “Hand in Hand” theme (from film) (Black) SB
  • The Last Tycoon (from film) (Jarre) JD

Singles’ artists: RG Ron Grainer & his Orchestra; RSO Roland Shaw Orchestra; TRO The Raymonde Orchestra; IRCO Ivor Raymonde, his Chorus & Orchestra; TW The Wayfarers; JP Jack Parnell Orchestra; ER Eric Rogers & his Orchestra; GF Gordon Franks & his Orchestra; SB Stanley Black, his Piano & Orchestra; JD John Dankworth with the Maurice Jarre Orchestra

CDLK 4404

Sleeve notes were written by Geoff Leonard & Pete Walker.

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