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Corina Brouder on America's Got TalentHey! Welcome to my America's Got Talent page.

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Some recaps taken from the web on 08.09.06 appearance


Aspen Talent

Corina Brouder mesmerized the audiences and judges on the 2006 NBC Television summer hit "America's Got Talent" with her angelic voice and virtuoso musicianship. She was discovered by legendary "007" composer John Barry and was the only vocalist on his "Swept From The Sea/Amy Foster" Soundtrack! Corina has performed at the White House, Radio City Music Hall, TRUMP Plaza, Carnegie Hall, and in venues across the US, Canada, London, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Corina's "Another Day" won "Song of the Year" in New York and was featured in a national on-air promotion campaign on US Superstation WGN to promote the syndicated launch of "Sex and the City" on the network. She's been on the charts with Universal Records in Germany (2001) and on the Irish Charts with "Feel For You" and of course ANOTHER DAY. Corina''s single "Feel For You" was #11 on the World charts.

Corina not only sings but plays the piano, violin, tin whistle, accordion and harp and writes, arranges and produces music.

Delicious Audio for 8/10/2006

Harp player Corina Brouder proves she has a haunting Celtic voice. . . to compliment some mean Celtic skills on the harp. . . in this two-song medley. . . (From "America's Got Talent" on Wednesday, August 9, 2006.)

Territorial Bloggings

None of the rest of the acts really stood out for me, although I did find Corina Brouder to be very nice (I think that I might actually buy an album if she put one out...).

America's Got Talent: "Episode 108" Review

David Hasselhoff chose singing harpist Corina Brouder, who went back to the style we first saw her in and sung a very beautiful rendition of Fools Rush In. She was accompanied by her sister, a very interesting addition to her act.

Inequity in the treatment of women by the judges

by sk8tergrl

Anyone else notice that Brandy treats all women - esp. the harpist who I thought rocked the house w/ her vocals who she called boring (no one was even listening to the harp bc her voice was so soulful and powerful), Hoopalicious, the stripper, etc.? She continuously acts obnoxiously, making comments (just this side of jealously) about all of them, unless the females are under twelve years of age...

But the hoff and piers are always frothing at the mouth over the women!

Anyway, the disparity between the judges' treatment of women really reflects the values of our patiarchal society - either women are objectified (did they even comment on the talent of the amazing singer/harpist or simply sit there admiring her beauty?) or are viewed solely as competition by other females (why couldn't Brandy see past her beauty to evaluate her talent?)! I was hoping someone else noticed this?

The Showbuzz

Hoff brings back Corina the harp player as his wildcard. Harp playing is a lost art, a lost talent. I think it should be revived and hopefully it will after this show because it's just an amazing instrument with an amazing sound. Check from Brandy, Piers and Hoff.

Fans Of Reality TV

The next act is the Hoff's choice, the beautiful Corina Brouder, harpist/pianist and angelic singer with gorgeous hair. She is tonight accompanied by her equally beautiful, angelic, and gorgeous-haired sister (What did their parents feed their children, enchanted Lucky Charms?), who assists her with a double-header of "Danny Boy" and "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" that is sure to have Irish people crying and Elvis fans sighing.


August 10, 2006

It Matters 2 Me: Blog

America's Got Talent 8/10/06

"Corina Brouder has a voice of an angel. I thought to myself I would buy a CD of her's if it was available..."

August 10, 2006

Watch Corina's wildcard performance online

AGT website: "Season 1, Episode 109, 08.09.06. Corina Brouder returned to the stage with her harp, this time bringing her sister along as a back-up singer. Corina switched it up mid-performance and traded her harp in for the piano. Brandy thought her voice was beautiful, Piers was happy she'd changed up her performance a bit, and David thought she was something very special."

Same Wildcard performance, including the introduction

How come they didn't mention Corina's only brother Neil was sitting right next to "Corina's sister?

August 04, 2006



Watch Corina's July 12 performance on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT (NBC) here. (40MB)

Corina Brouder on America's Got Talent, July 12, 2006 Corina Brouder on America's Got Talent, July 12, 2006

July 19, 2006

 95.7 WZID
Manchester, NH
Ed BrouderEd Brouder

Corina BrouderEd's Famous Cousin:
Maybe you saw Corina Brouder sing and play the harp on NBC's "America's Got Talent" show. She didn't make the final cut but she is still part of a very talented family of musicians.

Corina's parents come from the same village in County Limerick, Ireland as Ed's ancestors. While they've never met, the families have corresponded for genealogy purposes. For more info on Corina visit her website and sign her Guestbook (say her cousin was talking about her on the radio). click here.

July 16, 2006

Some recaps taken from the web

My final best talent vote went to Cornina Brouder. I hope she is not dependent on this show for her moral support. what is wrong with Brandy. She voted against every young female talent in her age group.
Posted by: dan miller | July 13, 2006 at 11:24 AM

If I voted, the only one who I would have considered is Corina Brouder.
Posted by: Hasselhoff's fart | July 13, 2006 at 06:38 AM

So for me the top three are Vladik , Alexis Jordan, the fourteen year old singer and Corina Brouder, the singer and a harpist .
Posted by: sas | July 13, 2006 at 02:32 AM

America's Got Talent: Yodeling Your Way to The Finals
Episode 5 Recap by Jacob D.
July 14, 2006
After three weeks of auditions, we finally got down to the semi-finals. 60 people made it through and have been divided into 4 groups of 15 who will each perform one more time. However, the judges decided to cut the group down further by only 10 of 15 acts perform last night. After everyone has performed, the judge's will select one act to move on and then America will choose their favorite to advance.

Last night, we saw such returning acts as clog dancers All That, pint sized yodeler Taylor Ware, and even hula hoop dancer Hoop-a-licious, whom the public saw for the first time. I admit I only saw the first two-thirds of the show, but my favorites were ventriloquist Kevin Johnson and harp playing singer Corina Brouder. After all was said and done, the judges picked The Millers, a brother singing/instrument playing act. I didn't see their performance, but they rocked out in the auditions so I can't say I'm surprised with that choice. Now who will America choose from the remaining people?

July 12, 2006

Rview by "The Couch Potato"

"Corina Brouder (harpist/singer)-I think this performance was much better. She didn't really use her singing talent last time but this song finally showcased it. I thought it was much improved. I don't know why Brandy X'ed her. My Score: 9/10"

June 29, 2006

America's Got Talent: ''Episode 102'' Review
America still has talent, but it is already starting to lose its shine.
by Staci Krause

"... All that said, it was still a worthwhile episode to watch if only for the 11-year-old singer, Bianca Ryan. She was, simply put, amazing. I liked her even more than the 14-year-old last week. The show also boasted Corina Brouder - a beautiful woman playing a harp with the voice of an angel, All That - a group of attractive cloggers, Sideswipe - a group of attractive shirtless martial artists, and Elliot Zimet - a magician who works with birds."

June 29, 2006

by Tyler Sandersfeld -- 06/29/2006
" Also from the Bronx, Corina Brouder is a singing harpist with the Sarah McLachlan hit "Angel." She's younger and better dressed than last week's Kathy Kavanaugh. And also more entertaining. She conveys much more than Kathy did. It also doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous."

America's Got Talent: New York Serves Up Talent And Oddities

Episode 2 Recap by Jacob D.
June 29, 2006

"Next is Corina Brouder who will be playing the harp and singing. It didn't work for Kathy Kavanaugh so will it work for Corina? I suspect it might since she's a pretty young thing and Kathy's audition sounded like a funeral dirge (even though I liked it). In her intro piece, she tells us she is nurse and when her sister got into a terrible accident, she would sing for her in the hospital. The other nurses thought it was cute so they asked her to sing for other patients and Corina thought it was such a blessing. I think she just endeared herself to a lot of people with that clip. Rather than doing some opera song like Kathy did last week, she sings Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" and this might sound cliché, but her voice wafts out like, well, an angel. It's an incredibly sweet and moving piece. I think I like her. Everything about her is so warm, soothing, and inviting. Her look, her spirit, her voice, and obviously, the judges loved it and decide to put her through to the next round. I think she could have a shot at winning. I certainly want to see her again."

rewind, recap, regurgitate:America's Got Talent - East Coast Auditions by Christine
June 28

"Vocalist/harpist Corina Brouder was next, with her rendition of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel". No snark here, she was good and different (and moving on.)"

Entire article...

New York: LPN to Appear on National Talent Show
Archive, June 2006

Corina Brouder, an LPN from Bronx, NY, with a successful singing career, will compete on a newly developed, nationally televised talent show.

According to the nurse's personal Web site (, she'll be performing on NBC's America's Got Talent June 28.

The show, created by producers of American Idol, will premiere with a 2-hour special June 21. The show's premise is reportedly to search for the "hottest" variety and novelty acts from across the country, from ventriloquists, contortionists and acrobats to animal acts, magicians, mimes and various entertainers. Like Idol, viewers will decide the ultimate winner, who will receive a million dollar grand prize.

Brouder, whose track "Another Day" was featured on TV previews for the syndicated launch of Sex and the City last fall, was a finalist on the You're A Star talent contest, another Idol-type production, in Europe in 2003. She has also released two Top-40 singles in Ireland.

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