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Corina was on NBC's Americas Got Talent reality tv show.

Other information about Corina: Her song, "Another Day" was featured on US Superstation WGN to promote the syndicated launch of "Sex and the City".

She was on inflight audio on Continental and Irish Airlines.

Another Day won Song of the Year in New York! It was recorded in NYC and it's B side CHANGE was written and remixed by 2x Grammy winning LA producer Joe Hogue (Leanne Rhimes, Donna Summer, Roy Orbison).

She sang on John Barry (composer of 007 film Soundtrack) Swept From The Sea/ Amy Foster soundtrack!

She's performed at the White House, Radio City Music Hall, TRUMP Plaza, Carnegie Hall, the RDS and in venues across the US, Canada, London, Germany, Austria and Switzerland!!!

Corina's been on the charts with Universal Records in Germany (2001) and on the Irish Charts with Feel For You and ANOTHER DAY!!!

Corina was on the RTE reality television program, "You're A Star," sang with the Chieftains and can be seen in DAN DOOLEY car rentals advertisements in Ireland and across the USA!

In addition, NOVA provided her with a car after seeing her on RTE 1, 2, TV3, Pop4, in U Magazine and VIP Magazine!!!

She was seen on CURVES fitness billboards around the country and McDonalds Billboards in the Midlands!!!

Special to anyone who is travelling - Corina can also be heard on AerLingus 2FM Inflight audio!!


Corina''s single "Feel For You" was # 31 on the Irish charts in May and #11 on the World charts.

She and her band of siblings have played at the White House, Walt Disney World, Radio City, The Plaza, The Waldorf, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Rideau Hall, and at venues all across the US, including Alaska, Canada, including the Yukon, Cape Breton and Halifax, and in Germany & Switzerland.

Corina filmed a music video in Luton, just outside of London in 2001 for Universal Music.

Corina not only sings but plays the piano, violin, tin whistle, accordion and harp and writes, arranges and produces music.

Her great love is teaching young people not only to enjoy playing music but to be entertainers.


Corina hits Limerick!
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Corina Brouder, a beautiful, young American with roots in Limerick, who has performed in the White House, toured across Europe, and along with her family won Entertainer of the Year award in New York, is now back in Ireland promoting her new single, Feel For You.

The 25-year old auditioned for this year’s Waterford segment of the You’re A Star and many will have seen her, along with her harp, on the television programme.

She arrived in Ireland before Christmas from her home in Woodlawn, an Irish neighbourhood in the Bronx, just in time to take part in You’re A Star competition. Along with her sister Christina, she has moved to Ireland and is promoting her new single at venues all across the country.

The young lady whose maternal grandparents hail from Leitrim and Cavan, is proud of her Limerick connections - her family the Brouders, come from Athea, Co. Limerick - and says she is enjoying her time with them while she is in Ireland.

Corina recorded the single in the USA prior to travelling to Ireland. The ballad, Feel For You was written by Corina and her sister Cornelia, and recorded by Jo Hogue, a Grammy and Emmy Award winner.

The video of Feel For You was filmed in The Factory, Sligo, by Ciaran Carthy, a North West Radio DJ who Corina says has been very helpful in promoting her single.

The second song on the CD, Hugs & Kisses was written in honour of the father of a classmate and friend of the family, Billy Wick, who died in the World Trade Centre on September 11th. The song tells Billy’s story; of how he phoned his wife just after the first building was hit to let her know he was safe.

His last words to her were “hugs and kisses”. He tried to rescue other people in the disaster, but died in the attempts. The song was written by Corina and her mother Loretta in Billy’s memory.

Corina, an amazing singer who also plays piano and harp, has been performing for as long as she can remember. As a child, her sister spent some time in hospital, and Corina and her other siblings started entertaining her recovering sister and the other children in the ward.

As time went on the family found themselves travelling to children’s wards in the neighbouring hospitals and to nursing homes, and within time, they had come up with a name for their group and started gigging professionally.

Known as The Spirits of Gilbride, the family group of four sisters and one brother sing, play keyboards, violin, harp, guitar, drums, tin whistle, bagpipes and accordion.

The Spirits of Gilbride have had tremendous success, having performed at the White House, Radio City Music Hall, Disney World, the Trump Plaza, Waldorf, Lincoln Centre, Rideau Hall, Yankee Stadium and at concerts and festivals all across the US , as well as Dublin, London, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna.

They have shared stages with the Chieftains, Hanson, Enrique Iglesias, Harlem Boys Choir, Gloria Gaynor, S Club 7, and many more. Concert dates have already been set for the Summer in Canada and throughout Ireland.
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Corina studied at Juilliard School Of Music, New York


The family group received an “Entertainer of the Year” award from President Mary Robinson in the Plaza NY, and performed in Limerick for the Millennium Celebrations, as their Dad, Cornelius Brouder, hails from the county.

Their name, The Spirits of Gilbride, is in honour of their maternal grandfather. Corina explained: “When our grandfather died, there was no one to keep his family name going as he had no sons, so we decided to name the group after him”.

The group has released an album, two videos and singles for Universal Music, and had the title track on the Euro Little Vampire album. Corina was the vocalist on the Swept From the Sea soundtrack.
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