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Brouder Music
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"Corina Brouder
New Single 06.12.04"
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Gilbride, our band -
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Corina on Wikipedia

Corina and The Spirits of Gilbride can now also be found on Wikipedia

The Spirits of Gilbride on Wikipedia


The Irish Voice / Irish abroad
(article, June 2006 -
Corina Takes On Simon Cowell)

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Advance News Magazine for LPNs
(2005, Vol. 5 •Issue 11 • Page 23 Making People Happy)

Corina :: Click to enlarge
The Irish Voice / Irish abroad
(interview January 2005)


The Wanna Be A New
Arts & Entertainment
(inxs auditions, Feb. 2005)

Corina meets President Clinton, March 17, 1995
The President and Mrs. Clinton
hosted a "Celebration of Ireland"

March 17, 1995


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