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Namejonn3 ()
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MessageHey Corina! How are you doing?

NameRothana ()
DateSeptember 03, 2008 10:51 AM
MessageHi Corina,

Me again, firstly the choice of words “hooked up” is just a phrase that i “may of” used from an internet article, that was inquiring as to how it came about that you and Hasselhoff were a couple. Which is why i asked the question, i didn’t believe it myself, i just thought it was bizarre.

Secondly i’m not interested in Hasselhoff’s career, only the Germans are and they have an odd taste and style, even more so then the Dutch.

Good luck with your career,

NameRothana ()
DateAugust 28, 2008 11:42 AM
Messageyou haven't really hooked up with David Hasselhoff have you?

NameJohnny ()
DateAugust 23, 2008 06:23 PM
MessageYou are so beautiful!

NameNeil ()
DateAugust 22, 2008 03:48 PM
MessageI should've appreciated more how lucky i was to play so much music with you, love you holmes

NameNeil ()
DateAugust 22, 2008 03:33 PM
LocationHillview Reservoir
Messagerelease an album already, something that's really you

NameTobias V ()
DateJune 22, 2008 07:53 PM
MessageSo damn beautiful...

DateJune 02, 2008 11:08 AM
MessageHey Corina,

Testing for php5. Doesn't seem to agree with your newspage though! I may need to set it back to version 4.

NameBreda & Dominic ()
DateMay 09, 2008 10:35 PM
LocationAbbeyfeale, Co. Limerick. Ireland.
MessageHey Corina, You and "The Hoff" look great in the "Enquirer", I couldn't believe my eyes when i opened the magazine and saw your picture there. Well done kiddo, Hope everything is going well for you. All the best, Breda & Dominic xxxxxxx

NameDaniel Andersen ()
DateApril 19, 2008 02:31 AM
MessageHi Corina..

I just saw the wildcard show from AGT on norwegian television, and there you where :)

First of all, i must say, the thing about you i noticed right away, was your eyes. They are INCREDIBLE beautiful. And with that talent on top of it? Ohh my, you got me!

I was leaning back and just enjoying your harp and your pianoplaying, and not at least, the singing duett with your sister.

You have such a rare talent, and I surely hope we'll hear alot more from you!

And as I said, you are a BEAUTIFUL girl!!

Best regards from Norway

Namebob ()
DateMarch 27, 2008 05:15 PM
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NameIrena ()
DateFebruary 21, 2008 01:48 PM
MessageAs a biography, Alecia Oleyourryk is age 24. She grew up in Oswego, New York with “old-fashioined” parents. She attended Boston University where she was a magazine journalism major and is currently a bartender in New York. She’d like to be an actress in L.A.

Namename ()
DateSeptember 25, 2007 08:18 AM

Namecorina jacoby ()
DateSeptember 30, 2006 09:59 PM
Locationhollywood fl.
Messagehey, corina
i've been watching you in america's got talent and you're just amazing! i love your voice and i hope to become a musician the way my name is corina too. i love your website and hope you the best.

NameMichael R Guenzler ()
DateSeptember 25, 2006 07:55 AM
LocationFort Worth, Texas
MessageHi Corina,
Like the others, I first found you on "the show". I keep checking in to see where your career is going. I was appalled you did not make it to the finals, but I swear Peers (or whatever) is a Celto-phobe and the Hoff doesn't seem to have a clue that a Harp is a Celtic instrument, not a biblical standard. I guess we will have to put out a new show more appropriate for you to win, How does "America's Got World-Class Talent!" sound?
As good as some of the contestants were, I only ordered 2 CD's as a result of the show, and both of them from this website .

You have the kind of voice that can give me tears and goosebumps at the same time, and I love the harp as well. I agree with what everyone else has written, so I won't be reduntant! Keep it up!

NameFred Gilmer ()
DateSeptember 23, 2006 04:15 PM
LocationBaltimore, MD
MessageHi Corina. I want to tell you how much I enjoy your music. Along with playing the harp your voice has the ability to stir such emotions from within me that my eyes start to swell. No, I am not a softy, it's just that your music has that effect on me. You first came to my attention on America's Got Talent. And beleive me, you got my vote. Keep up the good work and God bless.

NameSheri (snapper) Houston ()
DateSeptember 01, 2006 04:37 AM
LocationNashville, TN
MessageI love are beautiful and soooo very talented!! So are all you sibs!! I wish you all the luck in the future and may the powers that be... continue to bless you!! More than She/He already has!!


NameJoe ()
DateAugust 27, 2006 08:54 PM
LocationStamford, CT

You have a beautiful, angelic, and captivating voice. Your performance of "Can't Help Falling in Love" on AGT was absolutely spellbinding. Praise also goes to your sister. Her backup vocals were equally beautiful.

Even more mesmerizing was your rendition of Bob Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door". It was bluesy and yet very classy - unlike anything I had ever heard before. You help me realize the potential of a harp as a primary accompaniment instrument in contemporary music. This is what makes your performance unique.

You were born to sing the standards. I hope to hear more of your music in future.

Best Wishes.

NameGreg ()
DateAugust 23, 2006 03:08 AM
LocationRochester, NY
MessageDear Corina

I thought your AGT performance was fantastic! I could not get enough of you! Stay with it, increase your exposure and you will succeed. Hasselhoff was right, calling you beautiful but I would add drop dead gorgeous just to be one up on him. Are you married?


NameMaria ()
DateAugust 19, 2006 08:57 PM
LocationKey West, Florida
MessageDear Corina,

Enjoyed your beautiful singing and music on the show. Hope to see and hear more of you soon. Keep up the good work and never give up your dream.


NameJack ()
DateAugust 16, 2006 08:58 PM
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
MessageCorina and Family

I missed your wildcard performance live but recorded it and loved it once again. Your music is wonderful - I feel a great sense of calm and wonder when I listen to you (and your sister) sing. Your voice reaches deep within and I sit still and watch and listen - quite amazing really.

I have purchased your singles and your family's album and look forward to listening to them and to future recordings.

Thanks so much for being on the show - you are the gem on it, even though many voted for less talented performances (Ugh to rapping anything!).

I hope to listen to more of you and your family soon!

NameJudy A. (formerly Bronx, now Jersey Girl) ()
DateAugust 14, 2006 05:20 PM
LocationFormerly Woodlawn, now...Jersey Shore
MessageCorina - you and Cornelia were amazing on the show. Your commanding presence on stage was simply hypnotizing and your voice has such power (and your beauty just adds to the total package). We are all so proud of you and your many accomplishments and how you have handled all the pressure and attention with such grace. Give my love to the family and tell them I will definitely see you all in Sept. on Christina's special day. God bless honey. Love, Judy

NameChris Langsett ()
DateAugust 14, 2006 02:56 AM

You are by far the most talented person on America's Got Talent. You have an angelic voice, enchanting beauty, amazing musical talent and a presence that is just mesmerizing. I can’t get enough of you! Keep performing!


NameJohn D. Wiebe ()
DateAugust 14, 2006 02:14 AM
LocationFort Belvoir, Virginia
MessageHello Corina, I watched your performance the other night on America's got talent. You started to sing Danny Boy. If you have not done so already I ask that you cut a single with that song while playing the Harp. You have a God gifted talent both in singing and playing.

God Bless,


NameQueen ()
DateAugust 13, 2006 08:04 PM
LocationSouth Carolina
Messagehey!! Corina!! You should totally get a record label. Are you on myspace. If you are add me. You should have one!! I love your voice. You should've won America's Got Talent because you got talent!!!

NameSheri Houston ()
DateAugust 13, 2006 05:50 AM
LocationNashville, TN
MessageI loved you....I wish we could talk!! You are great....keep going!! You are awesome!!!!
P.S. Are you on myspace?? Make me your first friend!!!!


NameDave Fyhr ()
DateAugust 13, 2006 02:13 AM
LocationHampden, MA
MessageDear Cornia, I found myself in a trance watching you perform on AGT, Like, what a voice, I think I went to heaven, and your presence on stage- Flawless, your beauty and classy style-again Flawless. Do I understand why America voted the way the did- Clueless, well not really!, But I dont think the majority of the viewers/voters watching this show do not know what real talent is, or anything else for that matter. I just bought 2 of your CD's tonight, and I realy would love to hear more from you. I Wish You the Best of Luck, Forever. Dave

NameJamie Young ()
DateAugust 12, 2006 09:39 PM
LocationNova Scotia, Canada
MessageYour were great on America`s Got Talent,,I look forward to hearing more of your music in the future.

NameJessica ()
DateAugust 12, 2006 03:43 AM
LocationOntario, Canada
MessageHello Corina I just wanted to say I saw you on America's Got Talent and thought you were amazing!! I can't get the song you sang on the wildcard show out of my head (Danny Boy/Can't Help Falling). And I was wondering if there was any way I could get my hands on that song?

NameMike ()
DateAugust 11, 2006 06:42 PM
LocationBaltimore, MD
MessageWell it's official, I'M HOOKED! You have an amazing voice and coupled with your enchanting beauty and incredible talent on numerous musical instruments what is there not to like? I thought it was a travesty that you were not in the final group on AGT. As I saw it, you were simply the best overall talent on the show. I wish you the best going forward and I'll be watching for you to release a new CD. I hope to have the opportunity to see you live someday.

NameKrista ()
DateAugust 11, 2006 05:15 PM
MessageI saw you for the first time on AGT and was really rooting for you, unfortunately America didn't see your true talent. You're the only one that's been on the show that I could really enjoy listening to. I hope the exposure on the show pushes forward some record exec to really take a chance on you for the mainstream market. I would love to buy a full length CD of yours.

In listening to your songs via this website, I would like to say that I prefer your harp/piano music then the dance/pop Kylie Minogue type stuff. Your true beautiful voice is much better heard with songs accompanied by piano or harp. You could be the next Norah Jones and honestly, I think you have a more unique and beautiful voice.

Many best wishes,

NameJohn ()
DateAugust 11, 2006 04:12 PM
I was shocked when they announced you were in the bottom 3 for votes and the guy with the hoops got more votes? That is just plain crazy. Take away your beauty and all that goes with it, you still end up with a very talented person who has a beautiful singing voice and can play the harp as well as anyone. Your beauty didn't get you as far as it did, it was talent. Just don't let the vote and the results get you down. You are simply the best!!!!!!!!!

NameSeb ()
DateAugust 11, 2006 08:00 AM
LocationMontreal, Canada
MessageHeya Corina,

Great job on getting far in AGT. It was the first time I saw you, but you blew me away with ur singing,playing and beauty. I liked the way you sang:"Knocking on Heaven's Door". Continue on like that and I am sure you will be going far. Don't ever give up whatever happens =D.

NameBrian ()
DateAugust 11, 2006 06:58 AM
LocationOcala, Florida
MessageHey, Corina, maybe you should lighten up on the talent show thing. You got fewer votes in the AGT wildcard than a guy who did a hula hoop performance with his butt. This says something about the nature of the contest, I think. Hasn't Woody Allen stayed in New York to play clarinet on most, if not all, Oscar nights because he doesn't think much of rating artists against each other?

I didn't vote in the AGT contest, but here's my vote. I see lots of Corina incarnations on your site. I vote that you please yourself first, stay centered on your wonderful talent, and let the rest flow from that.

NameMitch ()
DateAugust 11, 2006 02:17 AM
MessageI think you are amazing. I've enjoyed watching you on America's Got Talent and hope to catch you live some day. Great job!

NameValerie ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 11:58 PM
MessageI have been watching America's Got Talent from day one and I have loved all the songs you have done. You are a gift to the world with your voice and beauty. I voted for you last night on the call in.. I sure hope you win!! Wish you all the luck with your career and God bless you.

NameMax (tim) White ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 11:03 PM
MessageI saw you for the first time lasts night and was absolutely enchanted! I think your qualities of style, poise, and mesmerizing beauty offer so much more than just your fabulous talent as a musician and writer! I don't think most people realize how much you offer as an entertainer. I hope to see more of you in the USA regardless of the outcome of silly TV talent shows.
An instant fan!

NameChristine ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 09:21 PM
MessageYou did amazing last night on America's Got Talent! It was fantastic. I loved the songs you chose and I LOVE your hair! It's amazing!

NameDaniel ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 06:19 PM
LocationSmall town, Canada
MessageWow, your really good at playing and singing music. I really loved it, especially "oh danny boy", your great on the piano as well:. And your very beautiful, but anyways i better go, good luck on america's got talent,


NameAndy Barron ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 06:14 PM
MessageHomegirl-You were terrific!

Andy B.(Adamo's cuz)

Namemary gilbride ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 03:23 PM
MessageMy dear Corina you were just the very best. I loved Danny Boy. You should be in the movies. God bless you. I love you Nana xxxx

NameGreg ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 12:32 PM
LocationUpper Darby
MessageI loved you performance on America's Got Talent. You are a gift to the world.

NameNiall Grainne Niamh Fiona ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 08:42 AM
MessageHi Corina
Just watched your performance and voted online. I was completely blown away . I got shivers . Niamh loved it too!!!!

NameLewis ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 08:37 AM
MessageEnchanting. Fetching. Captivating.

NameJason ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 07:57 AM
LocationLincoln City, Oregon

You are truly amazing! I have been more and more mesmerized by each of your performances on AGT. You are beautiful and you are very, very talented. I would like to know when and if you might tour through Oregon sometime. I would walk 500 miles to see you perform and then I would walk 500 more (to get back home, of course).

I love it when music moves me and your music and your voice lifts me to a place from which I never want to return. I just want to say, "Thank you!" and wish you the best in all that you set out to do. You deserve so much more than a million dollars.

NameKyle Troop ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 04:29 AM
LocationNova Scotia
MessageHey, Corina you might not remember us (4 guys from New Brunswick) but we are pleased to see that you're doing well. John wrote you befor on July 20 2005.We met you and your sister Mary Catherine at the Irish festival 2004 in New Brunswick. We all had a blast that night in that small pub/legion. We were lucky your mother took the van back and left you guys there. It made our weekend. We want to thank your sister for gaving us one of your cds so we can brag to everyone that we spent the night hanging out, you guys are two cool cats. Best of luck and if your ever in Nova Scotia or thinking of going to the Irish festival in NB again let us know. We'll try to make it Thanks Kyle John Shawn and Graham

NameDiane in Iowa
DateAugust 10, 2006 04:26 AM
MessageI want you to know that your music makes me feel so relaxed and happy. It so beautiful. You've been my and my husbands favorite from the moment we saw you on American's got talent. I want to purchase your music, it give me inner peace just to listen to you.
Keep up the great work. You deserve the win on that show. I hope you get it. I've loved all of your choices. Knocking on heavens door was fantasic.

DateAugust 10, 2006 04:19 AM
Locationcolumbus, ohio
MessageI thought you did a great job on americas got talent tonight! i know you got my vote. I agree with Troy and think that both you, and your voice are very beautiful.

NameTroy Niemeier ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 03:44 AM
LocationColumbus, Ohio
MessageCorina, You sounded great on America's Got Talent. My wife and I enjoy your performances. Your voice is awesome and you are such a beautiful girl. Hopefully you will come to Ohio sometime. Best of luck to you in the competition.


NameRichard Ross ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 03:38 AM
MessageWell Corina, you did it again! Just amazing, what a beautiful voice! Now I truly know what Heaven sounds like. Great job!!!


"I-rish you a very nice place to live,
I-rish God's greatest gifts he'll give.
I-rish you health, and wealth, and more--
I-rish your smilin' face were at my door!"

NameK.W. Hoffman ()
DateAugust 10, 2006 03:16 AM
MessageI saw your performances on America's Got Talent. You have the most beautiful voice. You should be ranked up there with Karen Carpenter. If you don't have a page on you need one. Here is my link.

NameJohn ()
DateAugust 09, 2006 09:25 PM
Locationnew yrk city
MessageBest of look on tv tonight.

NameBrian ()
DateAugust 08, 2006 12:56 AM
MessageHey Cuz, Best of luck on AGT this Wednesday!

Namedan Miller ()
DateAugust 05, 2006 05:27 PM
Messageback again
I think it is great Corina is going to appear again on America's Got Talented.
Regardless of the outcome, Corina is still a great talent and her future is not dependent on the buffons who are the judges or Americans with McDonald's taste, (greasy french fries),in music. I will definitely vote for her.

Namedan Miller ()
DateAugust 05, 2006 05:27 PM
Messageback again
I think it is great Corina is going to appear again on America's Got Talented. I will definitely vote for her.

NameDonna Olson ()
DateJuly 28, 2006 04:36 PM
LocationEaston, MA
MessageYour performances on AGT were terrific! Awesome voice, style, and performance. I totally admire those who can play the harp, and you played beautifully! Your rendition of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" keeps popping up in my "mind's ear" throughout the day! I hope the AGT video stays online! Best wishes for much success in your music! Truly a gift! Thanks for sharing.

NameRegina Moore ()
DateJuly 26, 2006 11:30 PM
LocationCornwall, New York
MessageI saw you on AGT after Neil told me about it. I remember when you and your siblings use to perform every year for St Patty's day at P.s 19 you have a wonderful talent and I wish you all the best.


NameTeresita ()
DateJuly 21, 2006 05:53 PM
MessageCorina, My Husband and I loved seeing and hearing you on AGT. You are a beautiful singer and I could listen to you all day long. I have worn you performance out on the AGT website. Today when I looked you up on the web, I was delighted to see you there so we Can know more about you. Will there be an album coming out and how soon can we purchase it?
The very best of luck to you and we hope to see more of you real soon.

NameGlenn ()
DateJuly 20, 2006 11:36 PM
LocationNY, NY
MessageHello Corina. I got to admit this is rather strange but I saw you on TV when switching channels the other night and I couldn't believe my eyes at first. I jumped on the net and came across the site, so I figured it only right to leave a message. I must admit, very impressive. You have come a long way and you obviously worked very hard. Best of luck and if you ever make it into the city drop me a line or something, it would be nice to hear you play again. All the best.


NameCarl Durk ()
DateJuly 18, 2006 09:29 PM
LocationPocatello Idaho
MessageMy wife and I are always talking about that
there seems to be no one that can sing lately or that just maybe our tv sound system isn't that good. Nope it works just fine.You are fantastic and a class act.
Please continue with your renditions like
Knocking on heavens door just outstanding
I'm waiting for the "new CD". Corina you
were the best talent there,I'm wearin out the tivo god bless and a very bright future.

NameSean Sullivan ()
DateJuly 18, 2006 12:13 AM
MessageNow that the dust has settled a bit from your stellar performance on national TV last week,let me also chime in about what must be tone deaf judges. Your beautiful, original rendition of a very well worn song, had me reaching for my stereo remote and tivo buttons. Hard to impress someone who has been around the music scene for a long time, but you knocked me out. It is a shame that they didn't put you along to the next round to expose more people to your talent, but I suppose now, those of us who did see it, may feel priveledged at catching a rare glimpse.

I heard your commercial driven snippets as well and being no fan of electonica/dance, I hope you consider a volume of work in just a stripped down, accoustic setting and keep at it for as long as you can stand of luck from the wild west.

NamePaul ()
DateJuly 16, 2006 09:05 PM
Locationkansas city
MessageYou are gorgeous. I'd love to see some naked pictures or at least some Victoria's Secret style one's.

NameDenise Blotter ()
DateJuly 16, 2006 03:04 PM
LocationPalm Springs, California
MessageThe moment I heard you play, I could not get it out of my system - Your music is hauntingly beautiful and I am hooked! Keep those CD's coming and I look forward to seeing you in concert someday - you blew us away!!! (and although we got thru on the phone lines a couple of times, mostly we dialed to dead air - was anyone else having the same problem?)

NameCynthia Lawler ()
DateJuly 15, 2006 08:20 PM

I was watching America's Got Talent when you came on to play the harp--immediatly I thought I know her! You sang so beautifully-and I remembered Thats Connie-Jo's daughter I saw you at my Grandmothers funeral in Ridgway Illinois several years ago! I got my whole family watching and we voted for you as many times as we could! Wow What a great talent you are!


NameElizabeth Wanner ()
DateJuly 15, 2006 07:24 PM
I saw your performance today on America's Got Talent and wow...words don't seem adequate to describe the incredible voice you have. When I make it to heaven I hope the angels sing as well as you...meanwhile I'll just be happy to buy your CDs.

NameDavid Williams ()
DateJuly 15, 2006 01:56 PM
MessageHi Corina,

Your voice and talents are tremendous! We saw you on America's Got Talent all the way down here in Australia and I will be sure to look for your CDs!

All the best,
David W

NameJohn King ()
DateJuly 15, 2006 01:45 AM
MessageJust saw your performance of Knockin' On Heavens Door on Americas Got Talent. Unbelievable! I hope we can hear a full CD from you soon. What a beautiful voice!

Namemary gilbride ()
DateJuly 14, 2006 09:25 PM
Locationbronx n y
MessageCornia you were the best in the show. you are so beautiful.Good luck in your; Mary

Namebuzz ()
DateJuly 14, 2006 08:39 AM
LocationAtlanta, GA
MessageI keep hearing Another Day late night and i decided to do a search for the artist. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you are the same young woman that played harp on that show a few weeks ago. I would have never connected the 2!!! I'm a fan of both sides. Maybe someday we can work on a track together! Good luck to you. peace

Namemarina ()
DateJuly 14, 2006 06:04 AM
MessageI absolutely loved your version of "knocking on Heaven's Door"!!!!! I want to hear the rest of all your music! I look forward to hearing it on your next album/

NamePaul ()
DateJuly 14, 2006 04:28 AM
MessageOr at least show us some more of those Glamour Shots!

NamePaul ()
DateJuly 14, 2006 04:25 AM
MessageWow! Mr. Hasselhoff was right. Closing my eyes to listen makes me want to open them to see. I just wish I could see more. You should consider modeling.

NameAlison ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 09:08 PM
LocationNewfoundland, Canada
MessageHey Corina!

Congratulations on a wonderful performance on AGT. I loved your version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door!

Your voice is totally awesome and I can't wait to hear some more from you. Maybe some day you'll visit Newfoundland... we have Irish roots here, you know? Have you ever listened to "Great Big Sea" or other Newfoundland-Irish talent? I'd love to hear you singing and playing the harp with them :>

All the best to you. Keep up the great work.


NameJeff H ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 06:52 PM
At last we have a star with real talent, not a canned product shoved down our throats but the music industry. After watching you on AGT last night, I replayed it about 10 times and want to do it again tonight. You're a gifted person and we want more, alot more.

PS: I think you've played your last wedding!

NameDan Miller ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 06:34 PM
MessageI add my vote with the hundred or more than precede me. You are a GREAT talent and the judges on 'America Got Talent' are real buffons. They want to give a million dollars to someone who plays a harmonica poorly. Please keep up the great work and release a full length cd soon!!

NameJames Livermore ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 05:56 PM
MessageYour performance was by far the best last night on Americas Got Talent (but no judges with a clue). My family had not seen you perform before that show. It was truly inspiring. No other act made us stop and hold our breath. You won over new fans! Those judges obviously need some serious help; Brandy was obviously extremely invidious. We are praying you come out with a full single album soon.

NameEdward Mottura ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 05:26 PM
LocationPanama City
MessageYou are the reason scientists want the ability to clone people. Can you blame them? Will you marry me? Or send me some dna perhaps?

NameLes Lewellyn ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 04:45 PM
MessageYour performance last night was the only real performance besides the two brothers. I thought you had done a great job on Dylan's tune but the idiot judges thought it was a Guns and Roses song. LOL. Clueless! Also the jealousy beemed from judge Brandy. You could see it in her face. She let's a dog man go through but X's you? Total insanity. Anyway you were great and I hope you get through but honestly I won't ever watch that show again after last night so I'll have to bookmark your site to see if you made it through. Best of luck!
Les Lewellyn

DateJuly 13, 2006 04:20 PM
MessageAfter a long hard rough day, what a breath of fresh air! a mix between Jewell & Streisand, Dylan had to love your version. If you're ever in Cincinnati let me know, thanks for the short but awesome performance! good luck on AGT!

NameJudy A. (formerly Bronx, now Jersey Girl) ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 04:10 PM
LocationBronx [always]
MessageCorina - you certainly were "knocking on heaven's door" last night - what a beautiful rendition. Your legions of fans all over the world loved your wonderful performance and wished the judges (who are lacking in the talent pool themselves) gave it the respect it deserved. Those who know and appreciate good music and true talent realize how special you are. Your grace under pressure, commanding presence and across-the-board appeal is quite amazing. Whether you win this competition or not, you are already a winner in our book. Love, Judy A.

NameDee ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:51 PM
LocationWarwick, RI
MessageWe watched you last night, and I LOVED your version of Knocking on Heaven's Door! Your voice is amazing. You ARE a star!

NamePenny ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:10 PM
MessageGreat job!!!!!!!!!
great voice and attitude.

i love your Irish style music do you have a CD that's more Irish, than another? what is the name of it.

Keep It Up

NameEd Kuzma ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 02:42 PM
LocationCelebration, FL
MessageLike everyone else has noted, you sounded great, I might have worn out my TIVO remote. But what was more amazing is that you said you changed your style because they challanged you to do so. However, you didn't stand there and make excuses while they cut you down for doing just that. Everyone else who received criticism made excuses. You are already a star. God Bless and Good luck.

NameJack ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 02:39 PM
LocationNanaimo, B.C. Canada
MessageYou are awesome - if you don't mind me saying, you remind me a little of the music of Enya - mystical and magical and angelic. Please keep on playing - I am currently trying to track down some of your existing music and will be happy to buy it. I hope you do well on the "America has Talent" show! And of course, you are beautiful!! (I hope that my wife doesn't read this!)


NameBrian ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 10:03 AM
LocationOcala, Florida
MessageHasselhoff is in luuuv, Brandy is jealous, and Piers is trying to impress you with his hypercritical strut. Looks like you made quite an impact!

Thanks for a wonderful moment of artistry, Corina. I’m sure your talent has touched many people and will touch many more.

NameKarina ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 07:43 AM
LocationHonolulu, HI
MessageI loved your performance tonight!!! My husband and I liked Knocking on Heaven's Door even more than your last performance. Your voice is beautiful! Can't wait to get your CD!

NameKaren ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 07:32 AM
LocationFolsom, CA
MessageHi Corina,

It was a pleasure having my ears meet your talent tonight! What a great performance for America (just gotta remember not everyone knows talent went they hear it). I wish you the best in your endeavors. Please do record 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'


NameDoug Alexander ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 06:33 AM
LocationNewark, NY
MessageHello Corina,

I am not sure if there is anything left to say after reading many of your other guests comments except..VERY Beautiful music, appearance, and talent. Your performances keep my full attention not only to see how you rate in AGT, but because you are truly a gifted and beautiful girl. It has been such a pleasure to realize you.


Doug Alexander
Newark, NY

NameTim Frank ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 06:17 AM
My first chance to see you perform was tonight on AGT. I'm only sorry to say that I missed your first performance on AGT.

I was so pleasantly shocked and amazed when I watched you perform, it literally brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful! The fact that you coupled the harp with a more modern song was absolutely fantastic.

As far as the judges go, I think one needs talent to judge talent, which doesn't say much for the judges!

Let me know if "knockin on heavens' door" in addition to your first performance will be available on CD

You totally have my vote as well as all of my friends and family!

I see Angels smiling when they hear you sing!

You rock and continue to rock on!

My best to you,

NameTom Moyer ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 05:58 AM
LocationSpringfield, IL
MessageMy first introduction was hearing you on AGT tonight. I'm in love with you and your music. Look forward to hearing more about you and your latest releases.
God bless

DateJuly 13, 2006 05:54 AM
MessageSuper job on America's Got Talent, your a winner.

NameTammy Edwards ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 05:53 AM
LocationAltoona, Iowa
MessageHi Corina! I really enjoyed your song tonight on America's got talent. You were beautiful and your song was a great new version of an old cover! You are fresh and unique! Keep on doing what you are doing! God Bless! Tammy

NameLisa ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 04:51 AM
LocationAlberta, Canada
MessageKnocking On Heavens door, better than the original. Keep up the fabulous work.

NameJennifer ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 04:43 AM
LocationCincinnati, Ohio
MessageOh my lord- I'm at a loss for words. I just saw you on television and searched for you immediately. Your performance was breathtaking! Your talent is above and beyond AGT. The negative review(s) were shocking!! I grew up surrounded by, and have a deep love for, music. I will surley be spreading your name, and look forward to seeing your talent in the future. I only wish I had the opportunity to hear you live!

NameRichard Ross ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:59 AM
MessageHey Corina, One last thing I forgot:


May the luck of the Irish
Lead to happiest heights
And the highway you travel
Be lined with green lights.
Wherever you go and whatever you do,
May the luck of the Irish be there with you.

If you’re enough lucky to be Irish...
You’re lucky enough!

May you have all the happiness
and luck that life can hold—
And at the end of all your rainbows
may you find a pot of gold.

May your pockets be heavy—
Your heart be light,
And may good luck pursue you
Each morning and night.

God Bless!

DateJuly 13, 2006 03:48 AM
LocationScottsdale, AZ
MessageYou are a great singer. You remind me of an up and coming John Mayer, except on the harp instead of the guitar. Keep up the great work. Are you releasing any CDs soon? You're an amazing all around talent.

Name*Deanna* ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:42 AM
LocationSaskatchewan , Canada
MessageYou are a very talented artist. I am getting married next year and have always wanted a harp player. I would be interested in getting your info if you are coming to Canada. Good Luck on AGT.

NameMichael Mullins ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:42 AM
LocationNova Scotia, Canada
MessageAwwesome singing and great looking as well, you got my vote for AGT. Keep up the good work!!!

Namejeff ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:36 AM
Locationcharlotte n.c.
MessageCorina, both you and the harp were very captivating tonight, I look forward to hearing more of your music in the future. You definatly get my vote!!! ;)

NameBrian ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:34 AM
MessageI thought about what to write here, but all I kept saying to myself was "Absolutely Amazing". Aside from how attractive you are, you totally blew me away with your performance on AGT. I am so looking forward to seeing more of you. Please keep me informed of upcoming concerts and such.

NameClayton ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:34 AM
You don't need AGT. You have it all.
Not only is the harp playing great, but my attention was caught mostly by your beautiful eyes and attitude about how the judges treated you. You are amazingly beautiful I just have one question, Are You Married Yet? If so Lucky Lucky man he is.

NameRichard Ross ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:26 AM
MessageWOW, what an unbelievable performance on AGT!! Great song, one of my favorites! I look forward to seeing you in Boston soon! GOOD JOB!

NameAmanda ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:26 AM
MessageI saw you on America's Got Talent and you said that you do weddings too! I think you are wonderful at what you do. please write me with any info. thank you so very much

NameBrad Anderson
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:24 AM
MessageI saw you on America's Got Talent. Your performance was nothing short of magnificent!!! You should really put out a CD with purely harp and you singing.

NamePatrick Sweeney ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:23 AM
LocationNova Scotia, Canada
MessageWow, I saw your performance tonight on America's got talent and I thought I would give you some encouragement but I see your getting plenty already! You sang beautifully and looked breathtaking.
If your ever coming to work in Canada be sure to stop here in Nova Scotia!

NameBrandon ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:14 AM
MessageI thought you did an incredible job on AgT! You did exactly what they told you to do, and went a different direction. That was a great choice for a song! Thanks for taking a chance!

NameJerry Burke ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:13 AM
MessageDelightful, absolutely delightful....You are fresh, your music is fresh, this is the best version of Knocking on Heaven's door I've heard. You deserve to WIN!!!

NameBob Meyer ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:10 AM
MessageYou where "awesome" in every way. I've never heard the Harp played that way. Your voice is soothing and your simply beautiful.

Keep up the great work.

NameAlecia Tutolo
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:07 AM
MessageI think you are an inspiraton to women. You have beauty, talent and you are fantastic! I'd love to see you in an interview at the Martini Lounge. Let us know.

DateJuly 13, 2006 03:04 AM
MessageI just saw you on AGT. You have the most awesome talent. I was blown away. Btw, David was right. You are beautiful.

Nameannabel ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 03:03 AM
MessageI Agree!
Best version of knocking on heaven's door. Very mesmerizing.
(Please don't do Enya like they suggested!)Couldn't imagine how you'd pull it off with a harp and you had me shocked.

Sometimes, these judges are so stuck up on their opinions, they can't see what's in front of them.

NameChris Wilson ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 02:59 AM
LocationOttawa, Ontario
MessageBest version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" I've ever heard. When I have a wedding I want you playing at it.

NameLarry McCain ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 02:59 AM
LocationPleasant Hill, IA
MessageYour as beautiful as your music, wishing you all the successes of the world.

NameMorgan Johns ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 02:45 AM
LocationToronto, Ontario
MessageLiterally clicking through the channels and heard you on a TV show, was awestruck by your voice, all the best in future success!!

NameJiang ()
DateJuly 13, 2006 02:43 AM
Messagei think your awesome....stay sweet :)

NameYour Number One Fans
DateJuly 12, 2006 07:34 PM
LocationBronx, New York
MessageWishing you the best from the boggie down!

NameJim Fox ()
DateJuly 09, 2006 10:15 PM
MessageDear Corina:

It was a pleasure working with you on "America's Got Talent".


Jim Fox
Assistant Property Master

Namegerry ()
DateJuly 06, 2006 02:21 AM
Location345 e241st bronx door on the left
MessageHow's Corina doing in LA?

NameJudy, formerly of the Bronx, now Jersey ()
DateJuly 05, 2006 03:36 PM
LocationJersey Shore
MessageCorina - saw your performance (thanks to Aunt Joan) and was BLOWN AWAY! You are so gorgeous and sang beautifully (nice playing on the harp too, girlfriend - how multi-talented are you?) We've passed the word to everyone we know and we will all be watching you on your path to the million! Congratulations on your wonderful performance, we know you are well on your way. Hope to see all of you soon. Love, Judy

NameNiall, Niamh, Fiona and Grainne ()
DateJuly 04, 2006 03:57 PM
MessageCongratulations on getting to the next round of AGT. You are already a winner.

Best of luck in LA!!! On Independence day!!

NameMiriam ()
DateJune 29, 2006 07:21 PM
LocationDevon, England
MessageHey Corina,

Mary's told me all about your performance on AGT. Unfortunatley it hasn't made it to England yet but I've been going on the website a lot and I've even posted a comment or two! I'm sure you were amazing and looked beautiful as always (dam you!). You never know we may get AGT over here in about a years time!

Thanks again for a great time whilst I was visiting early this month, I really had an amazing holiday with all the Brouders.

Good luck for the next round, I will get all the gossip and updates off Mary for sure!

NameStan Bilik ()
DateJune 29, 2006 03:03 AM
MessageSaw you tonight on America's Got Talent and you where great! I've heard many of the world's greatest harpist and most cannot put a voice with their music. You sure can!

NameMary ()
DateJune 29, 2006 02:48 AM
MessageI just saw you on America's Got were absolutely amazing!!! You looked stunning!!! I'm still so moved by your music.I'm just over the moon!!! Congrats and best of luck. I'll definately be watching!!

NamePaul Casella ()
DateJune 29, 2006 02:42 AM
MessageI loved your performance. It was so eclectic.
And you are so naturally beautiful. Ditch all that eyeliner! I will definately buy your cd. It will put me to sleep

NameLisa McGovern-Ryan ()
DateJune 28, 2006 04:01 AM
MessageHi Corina-

Wonderful website! Just a note to wish you luck on "America's Got Talent". Everyone in Woodlawn is rooting for you!

Lisa & Cathy McGovern

NameAndy Fitz ()
DateJune 25, 2006 05:57 PM
LocationHighlands, New Jersey
MessageHi Corina! I know you'll look good on tv cuz you look good in the Star this week in Ireland!!! The best of luck - can't wait to see you on TV again!

All the best,
Your Brother In Law

PS - Don't forget to wear that hot t-shirt of mine in Hollywood again - next time wear on the show! :) ha ha ha


Nameaunt joan ()
DateJune 24, 2006 10:10 PM
MessageDear Corina,

Terrific website. You look absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see you on TV on June 28th. You are going to blow away all the competition. They are just wasting their time showing up. Okay, that's enough of the accolades - let's get down to business - where is my picture in the family album???????????? Lenny and JP make the cut, but the Murphy's are nowhere to be found!!!!!! Guess I'll have to start my own website with Liam singing "I Will Survive" and Brian doing the Electric Slide.

Of course you can make it up to me, when you win America's Top Talent and you are taking your biggest fan (ME) on that cruise around the world!!!!! Lots of Love,

Aunt Joan

NameDavid S ()
DateMarch 22, 2006 11:34 PM
LocationLondon, UK
MessageGreat site, if John Barry rates you then you must be good...

Name"Snape" ()
DateFebruary 22, 2006 10:04 AM
LocationMoscow (Russia)
MessageHello there Corina

Frankly, I didn't have the faintest idea of who you are. Now I know (or at least, I think I know) - and, thanks, that's interesting. Good luck to you!

DateFebruary 16, 2006 04:35 PM
LocationPOB 389 ROCKY POINT, NY 11778


Namegrant .the guvner ()
DateFebruary 05, 2006 07:57 AM
Messagehi keep up the good work your going to be a masive starxxxxxxxxxx

NameArie ()
DateJanuary 31, 2006 11:09 PM
MessageHey Corina,

I think the Corrs better watch out. You trainis moving fast...congratulations on the web site. Very professional.

Best wishes for 2006~!


NameKori Zamlowski ()
DateJanuary 09, 2006 19:35 AM
MessageHow can I get the CD 'Another Day' in the US? I LOVE the song and I've gotta have it!

NameLaura & Wade
DateJanuary 08, 2006 04:59 AM
LocationToronto, Ontario Canada
MessageHey Corina,
Just wanted to wish you a happy new year. Hope you recieve everything you deserve in the new year!

NameRuud ()
DateJanuary 07, 2006 05:16 PM
LocationBeverwijk, Holland
MessageHey Corina this is Ruud running a test. Huggy New year from your webman.

NameJohn T ()
DateJanuary 06, 2006 03:23 AM
MessageHi Corina and Christina

Just thought i'd drop a message to wish you a happy New Year. Your looking as well as every and your music sounds great hope 2006 is a great year for you and you get the recognition you deserve.

Your friendly local shop paper boy....still takin guitar lessons('',)

NameMary McMahon ()
DateDecember 30, 2005 13:53 PM
MessageHave loved your music so much.Just heard "Feel For You." You have gone even farther than before. There are no limits to your voice and music!! Impatiently awaiting your next masterpiece!!!

NameDino katehis ()
DateNovember 28, 2005 20:38 PM
MessageThis is your chef Dino. How are you doing with the song "A LITTLE LONGER" i will wright more for you,so that you will become more successful.... kisses

NameCelina ()
DateOctober 09, 2005 09:32 PM

Your site are so beautiful. Have enjoied my stay...keep up the great work. Invite you to my Netfriends group...We care, make online friends...give support and comfort...have fun and give smiles...Warm welcome my friend...

alt="Click here to join netfr">
Click to join netfr



NameBridget Brouder ()
DateOctober 03, 2005 09:46 PM
LocationKishikirk,Ballysimon,Co Limerick
MessageI would love to buy your CD's but can't find them anywhere!
Best of luck to you.

Namek&F tours ()
DateSeptember 20, 2005 08:28 PM
Messageinformation most helpful

NameRoisin Brouder ()
DateSeptember 04, 2005 08:24 PM
LocationCo. Limerick, Ireland
Messagejust a quick message of hello and thanks for introducing me to your website. Best of success in the future, have heard alot of you and your music too and have taken quite a liking to it.

NameLee ()
DateAugust 05, 2005 03:02 PM
LocationFt. Lauderdale, FL
MessageLove your stuff! I'm a good friend of Michael at WGN. Congrats on the S*x And The City promo. Michael's one of the most talented marketing and promo guys I've had the pleasure of knowing, working with and calling friend.

You have the most lovely voice and your's to your continued success!

NameCorina Lanemann ()
DateJuly 24, 2005 11:49 PM
LocationNew Jersey
MessageWow! That's great you have a single coming out. Thank you for signing my guestbook. I guess us Corinas are destined to be musicians and singers haha

NameJohnny (Irish Festival) ()
DateJuly 20, 2005 05:14 PM
MessageWell the Irish Festival is over and the recovery period has begun. It certainly was enjoyable weekend, only made better by meeting some very nice ladies from NY, who even offered this poor country boy some chips. (lol even if they were stale). Thanks again for the ride and the lads and I are very sorry u couldn’t come tubing down the river, but it’s certainly understandable considering ur busy schedule. I hope your van had AC on your trip back home considering the heat we’ve been getting.

I’ve been listening to your CD and I must say I’m very impressed. I can defiantly see these songs being played at a dance club. My favorite song is the “Change” but then I’ve always been a sucker for wind and string instruments. I’m not yet sing to them like I did for Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive” lol , but one can never tell when urge sing will hit. The bonus track defiantly has Irish feel to it and is very melancholy. From the sounds of things I would not be surprise to see u in a music video in the near distant future. Just don’t go Jessica Simpson or Brittany on me lol.

I hope u get a chance to come back next year to the miramichi and maybe get the chance to look around our little Irish town. I’ll even provide the penny candy this time if u do.


NameMary McMahon ()
DateJuly 16, 2005 12:48 AM
MessageJust got back from Europe and heard about you over there as well. Thanks for your fabulous voice and music!!!

Namedanny ()
DateJuly 11, 2005 04:05 AM
Locationnew york
Messagefound your site from irish voice, when are you gonna be playin around ny?

NameJory Boisvert & Holly Girouard ()
DateJune 28, 2005 03:23 AM
MessageHey Cornia! Congrats on your success!=)Can't wait to see our music video!..Hopefully we'll see it soon! We watched some of our Ireland video in dance practice the other day! Very exciting! Were thinking on going back in the summer of 2006!:) Hopefully we will get to see yah!..Irish festival is in a few weeks!:) Cant wait!..Love the website!..Lookin good!:)..Well were out!..Keep in touch! Please email me back as soon as yah can!


Love you lots! -Jory and Holly=)

NameChris ()
DateJune 23, 2005 11:07 AM
LocationNew York City
MessageHey Corina,

Randomly stumbled across your site. Great stuff, you have some true talent. What a gorgeous voice!

If you're ever looking for a band to open for you, please think of us. We'd be more than honored.


NameKevin ()
DateJune 22, 2005 05:55 PM
LocationToms River, NJ
MessageHey Corina, Just wanted to let you know that your site is cool and
your pictures look great. I was the one playing your CD at Mike's shore
house at the party for Deacon Brian. Give me a shout if you get a
chance. Kevin

NameAnnie and Danny ()
DateJune 22, 2005 05:53 PM
LocationLimerick, Ireland
Messagehi corina, great web site, thanks for posting up the pic of your self
and I taken in killarney last year. will you be visiting killarney
again this year ? Its only 3 weeks away i cant wait. best of luck anyway
corina, ANNIE

DateJune 02, 2005 06:56 PM
LocationWhite PLains
Heard about you from your sis. Think your bodacious. Ever wanna hang out in Purchase NY lemme know.

NameJude ()
DateMay 04, 2005 04:53 AM
MessageHi Corina,

You have a really gool sis!!!! We are now finished with Legal writing YEAAHHH!!!!!

Stay well,

Medical proffessionals are terrific!


NameMaico ()
DateApril 30, 2005 02:15 PM
LocationBeverwijk, The Netherlands
Nice Site, I have heard abouth you from Ruud ;)


Leuke Site,Ik heb van je gehoord via Ruud

DateApril 25, 2005 09:11 PM
LocationQueens, New York
MessageI can't wait to see you on May 7th!!!

DateApril 25, 2005 05:59 AM
Messageu r the jam.

love me xxoo

NameGilbride Fan
DateApril 19, 2005 10:18 PM
LocationNewport, RI
Could you please pass this on to your sister.
A Mike Gilbride Fan.

I just want to comment on how too much bleach makes you look ditzy. When peoples eyes in the same room are burning from bleach fumes, you know you are using too much in your hair.

You should ask Mary Catherine how she does her hair and you would look a lot better.

PS : How do you keep your clothes white when you use all the bleach in your hair? Just wondering

A Gilbride fan.

NameBryan NJ
DateApril 16, 2005 09:16 AM
MessageHey Corina, your music is awsome however you are even better to hang out with. Can not wait to hear you again. Keep it up!

Namejohn dougherty ()
DateApril 13, 2005 04:03 PM
Locationbronx ny
Messagejust listened to your cd and I would like to know when you are performing next ?

NameAshley ()
DateApril 12, 2005 01:55 PM
Messagehi Corina!

My dad's name is Michael Brouder and he actually talked to you!! I guess you are kinda my cousin! Well, I LOVE your music and I think your really pretty!

Ashley Brouder

NameWabbit9 :) ()
DateMarch 25, 2005 04:34 AM
MessageWho would have thought i was playing a music star at chess, heh ......

Love your stuff, and U got looks to!
good Luck :)

Namebarry C ()
DateMarch 22, 2005 01:20 AM
Messagewell hello pretty lady...just looking at your looking gud by the way..said id leave a wee message to say ur still alive anyways,:-)hope ur keeping well, and everythings flying it 4 u..bye bye!!!

NameTom McDonnell ()
DateMarch 20, 2005 06:58 AM
LocationCedar Lake,Indiana
MessageI say's to meself,"Who's that pretty girl in the Dooley car rental ad in the Irish Voice?,and she's got a website too." Cool site! God Bless,and Happy belated St.Patty's Day.

NameDave Murphy ()
DateMarch 19, 2005 12:13 AM
LocationBrooklyn, New York
MessageHello to Corina and your sisters and one brother. I have to just say that yesterday was awesome! You guys ROCK!!! Niall those drums kicked! Let me know where you guys are playing again - fan for life here!

NameColm O'Hanlon
DateMarch 16, 2005 06:31 PM
MessageHey C,


Bye xx

NameDale Conui ()
DateMarch 11, 2005 02:15 PM
LocationBoston, MA
MessageHi Corina,

It was great meeting you last night. Happy Birthday + 1! This website is fantastic, you did a great job of putting it together! Your music sounds great, maybe you can send your fellow RED SOX fan a CD sampler!! Stay in touch! --DALE

NameRita O'Connell ()
DateMarch 11, 2005 09:58 AM
Messagename: Rita O'Connell
To whom it may concern,
I'm not sure who gets this email but my name is
Rita O'Connell. Corina and I grew up in Woodlawn and
were great fiends until I moved away. I just wanted to
congratulate Corina on all her success. I hope she is
doing well. Please let her know that I have found her
website from reading the Irish Echo and I had no clue
just how far she has come as an entertainer. Corina
please keep up the good work and congrats!
Rita O'Connell

NameNeil ()
DateMarch 10, 2005 05:37 PM
LocationSpringfield, MA

NameJohn Adamo ()
DateMarch 08, 2005 08:49 AM

NameMary McMahon ()
DateMarch 01, 2005 01:51 PM
LocationNew York
MessageHave been a great fan of yours for years. Your music is heavenly....your voice ...sublime!!! Looking forward to more great music. Thanks.

NameD.A. Wallach ()
DateFebruary 21, 2005 05:54 PM
LocationHarvard College
Thanks for turning out to our show this past week. You rock my world.
D.A. Wallach

DateFebruary 21, 2005 12:33 AM
LocationMelrose Park, PA USA
Messagehey! great site...Mary Catherine sent me a link. all the the way, great music!

DateFebruary 16, 2005 12:11 AM
MessageGreat site Corina. All the best.

(Dave's flatmate)!!!!

NameEd Brouder
DateFebruary 15, 2005 05:39 PM
LocationManchester, NH

Many thanks for sending the link to Corina's website, which is done really well. Some time ago I bookmarked a page at but it didn't have a lot of info. It sounds like your sister's music career is taking off and I'm sure your legal skills are providing superb management!

Best wishes and please stay in touch!

Ed Brouder, Manchester, NH
Man From Mars Productions

NameJoanna Pruess ()
DateFebruary 15, 2005 04:45 PM
LocationWestchester, New York
MessageCorina you have made lemonade from lemons! Sometimes life deals a lousy hand but how we play our cards can be as significant as the hand itself. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful career. From, Joanna Pruess

NameAndrew S. ()
DateFebruary 15, 2005 03:50 AM
LocationNJ, U.S.
MessageHey Corina, great site, great music, best wishes for you and your career.

NameDavid Lawler ()
DateFebruary 07, 2005 06:15 PM
LocationRiver Forest, IL 60305
MessageHey Corina, Mary Catherine told me about your website. It's a way cool website! I hope to be able to make it to NY sometime to see all you guys. Send my best to the family. Hope to see you soon.
the distant cuz,
David Lawler

Namebenny o brien ()
DateFebruary 04, 2005 08:08 PM
LocationLongford, Ireland

hope you are well... Just to let you know that St. Mel's Musical Society in Longford are presenting the musical 'Billy' in the Backstage theatre, Longford from February 25th to March 5th... Thought you might be interested as the music is by John barry and, of course, your Longford connections... Might see you there... Regards...

NameRichie Bee
DateFebruary 03, 2005 09:01 PM
MessageHey checked out the site, heard some samples, loved it! Keep up the great work! Let me know when u'll be in my neck of the woods. Richie

NameRob Bonter ()
DateFebruary 03, 2005 08:53 PM
MessageHi Corina -
You are modest about your looks - you are a natural beauty - no makeup needed!
I love modesty in a good-looking female.
Best wishes for your continuing success.
Rob from

NameTerence Mulligan ()
DateFebruary 03, 2005 08:16 PM
Messagethe CRAIC fest is coming 3/2-3/12 NYC
Lets talk about CORINA playing @ the fest

Festival Director

Namekevin mcdonald & doreen watts ()
DateFebruary 03, 2005 07:51 PM
Messageyour website is very good and congrats on your album hope to see you soon
P.S pics are hottttttt

NameJason ()
DateJanuary 30, 2005 04:39 AM
MessageHey, Corina! Just wanted to congratulate you on your last single, which sounded great--even without my backing vocal tracks. :)

Keep up the good work, the great music and the photo gallery, too. The fellas are smitten!

Another huge fan,

NameSkye ()
DateJanuary 26, 2005 04:40 PM
MessageI'm so glad you visited our website & left your web address! Great stuff! Let us know when you'll be in Maryland/DC - we'd love to see you live
-Skye (

NameKatie , Cassie, and the rest =) ()
DateJanuary 25, 2005 04:12 PM
LocationPearl River , NY
MessageHey Corina! We're so happy you're doing so good over there. we miss you. you're the best!

Love always,
kate, cass, and the gang

Namemary gilbride ()
DateJanuary 24, 2005 09:28 PM
LocationNEW YORK
MessageDEAR corina your website is are just the very best,keep up the good work. love me.your

Namemike daly ()
DateJanuary 15, 2005 07:28 PM
LocationWoodlawn, New York
Messagewhats up girl's...thanx for the birthday lullaby( is that how it's spelled). anyway how's ireland? i didn't see you guys over christmas. i'll be in ireland in august, maybe i can get some backstage passes to a concert. ok gotta go. take care


NameAlan davidson ()
DateJanuary 04, 2005 09:02 PM
MessageHullo there,

Any plans for tours of the UK in the coming year ? Hoping your single gets the success it deserves


Namemickey ()
DateDecember 29, 2004 05:55 PM
Messagejust say hi 2u n yr family.I saw nail n mary the other day,my gave me yr web-ad.Say hi 2 ever 1 4 me n happy new year....

NameSharilyn Doyle ()
DateDecember 22, 2004 12:38 AM
LocationMiramichi, NB Canada
MessageCongratulations on your success! I love your music and I'm so happy to hear things are going well :)

NameBrian ()
DateDecember 15, 2004 10:42 PM
LocationN. Carolina
MessageCongrats and best wishes!

NameJody ()
DateDecember 15, 2004 10:35 AM
LocationEASYduplication Ltd
MessageCorina,'s hoping its goes all the way to the top...See You Soon! J!

Namemcatherine ()
DateDecember 14, 2004 06:36 PM
LocationCambridge, MA
MessageHi Corina,


Your biggest fan,
MC :)

DateDecember 14, 2004 12:20 PM
LocationDrogheda, Co. Louth
MessageYour lucky number on the charts!!! We are so proud to know you!!! Keep up the good work and sing sing sing!!!

DateDecember 13, 2004 04:43 PM
MessageHi Corina
Best of luck with the new single.Hopefully Bredas apperance in it will help boost sales ha ha !!!!!

NameEllen (Doyle) MacDonald ()
DateDecember 13, 2004 03:01 PM
MessageCorina, a chara,
Congratulations! The dancers and I are always happy to hear of your new successes!
Le meas mor agus le beannacht o chroi,
The Nelson Doyle Dancers, Miramichi

NameChristine & Meghan BOWES ()
DateDecember 13, 2004 05:14 AM
MessageCongarts on all your success, we (and our grandfather, Jack Bowes) are so proud, we always knew you would do it. We are just so happy to hear about all accomplishments! Keep up the good work!

NamePaul McDevitt ()
DateDecember 13, 2004 01:04 AM
LocationHighlands Radio
Messagehi paul mc devitt from highland radio here,just recieved a copy of corinas new cd ,all i can say is excellent,well done.keep up the good work and please keep me informed of whats happening,have a great christmas and good luck for 2005.regards paul mc devitt

NameStephen Thomas & the Bellies Band ()
DateDecember 12, 2004 10:08 PM
LocationDonegal, Ireland
MessageHi Corina, Im very impressed with your music and your website. You deserve to do well and dont forget "the Bellies" when you do. When are you going to get to see one of our gigs??? Soon I hope

Happy Christmas from all your fans in Donegal, and Kryptomedia Recording Studios

NameGareth Bramley ()
DateDecember 11, 2004 09:08 PM
LocationToton, Beeston, Nottingham
MessageJust thought I'd wish you all the luck in the world for your future career. The new single deserves to be a smash hit.

NameJoe Hogue ()
DateDecember 11, 2004 07:37 PM
LocationLos Angeles, CA.
MessageHey Corina, Congrats on your new single! Hope to make some more music with you. Love you and hope to see you soon.

NameKhalid Naseem ()
DateNovember 26, 2004 09:56 PM
LocationNew Zealand
MessageGreat site, great music, great voice!
Another fan has joined the ranks. I hope you do well, you deserve it. The latest single is superb.


DateNovember 26, 2004 02:08 PM
LocationBristol, England
MessageExcellent looking site! All the very best of luck for your future career.

NameRuud ()
DateNovember 26, 2004 01:57 PM
LocationBeverwijk, Netherlands
MessageHello Corina and Christina and Brouder family. All the best with the new single!

NamePatrick Hudepohl
DateNovember 25, 2004 08:22 PM
LocationBeverwijk, The Netherlands
MessageHello Corina,

Congratulations on your new single -- I hope this guestbook will soon be flooded with messages from fans!


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