Our new book, ‘Music by John Barry’, is now available!

A near five-hundred page, fully-illustrated (often with rarely seen images), chronological exploration of key landmarks underpinning John Barry’s illustrious career. Written in the form of extensively researched essays concentrating on one specific score, over forty are represented, from the first, Beat Girl, to the last, Enigma. Whether highly acclaimed or lower key films, each chapter sets out, clearly and accurately, the circumstances surrounding the inception and completion of the score under scrutiny and in doing so, provides fresh insights into John Barry’s remarkable legacy.

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John Barry - The Man With The Midas Touch by Leonard, Walker & Bramley

John Barry - The Man With the Midas Touch is still available at a discounted price. You won't find it anywhere else apart from at vastly inflated prices on eBay or Amazon.

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John Barry - The Early Years CD

Our CD "John Barry - The Early Years" is a compilation album focusing on the years 1959-1962, with every track a Barry arrangement or composition. The majority of tracks are making their début on CD.

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The Stringbeat Years cover2

Now available!

The Stringbeat Years: Songs accompanied by John Barry

Now available, a 4-CD box-set comprising of 144 tracks, a 24-page booklet (replete with period photographs and comprehensive notes) and including ten bonus tracks (among them the CD debut of the first ever cover version of a John Barry instrumental composition).

Featuring – for the first time – the film versions of ‘Mix me a Person’, ‘The Time has Come’, and ‘What a Whopper’ (slightly shortened). There’s also an unique opportunity to hear the original version of ‘Ah, Poor Little Baby’, making its premiere appearance on CD.

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Track listing

Hit and Miss: The Story of The John Barry Seven

HitAndMiss 1000

Our book "Hit and Miss: The Story of The John Barry Seven" is now available!


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Those customers who wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact us the  appropriate details.

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John Barry in 1996 in Gstaad, discussing the documentary "Moviola" made by Sony. The album Moviola was a compilation of many of Barry's romantic themes: Out of Africa, Midnight Cowboy, Body Heat, Somewhere In Time, Mary, Queen Of Scots, Born Free,  Dances With Wolves, Chaplin, The Cotton Club, Walkabout, We Have All The Time In The World (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), Moviola. "Moviola II: Action And Adventure' contained Goldfinger , The James Bond Theme , From Russia With Love, Thunderball , 007 ,You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, All Time High (Octopussy), Until September, King Kong, Zulu, Pawnee Attack Part I & II, Kicking Bird's Gift, Journey To Fort Sedgewick, Two Socks - The Wolf Theme,  Farewell And Finale Part I & II, Did You Call Me (from The Specialist), The Specialist.

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