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Please note this CD is now available free of charge if you purchase 'Hit and Miss: The Story of The John Barry Seven' or 'The Stringbeat Years' CD box-set. Just ask when ordering!

We are pleased to announce that a new John Barry CD is now available. "John Barry - The Early Years" is a compilation album focusing on the years 1959-1962, in which every track features a Barry arrangement or composition.

The majority of tracks are making their début on CD, and Barry's library music for Chappell is all together on one CD for the first time.

  • UK
    John Barry - The Early years CD
  • £10.00
  • p&p: £1.00
    Total: £11.00
  • UK
    John Barry - The Early years CD
  • £15
  • buy one get another half-price
    Cost £15 + £1 postage
    John Barry - The Early years CD
  • £10.00
  • p&p: £3.50
    Total: £13.50
    John Barry - The Early years CD
  • £15
  • buy one get another half-price
    Cost £15 + £3.50 postage


The mix of songs and instrumentals includes twelve Barry compositions and three by Lionel Bart. The final three tracks are an early Christmas bonus from Nina & Frederik!

The CD includes a 12-page booklet with extensive notes on the music and artists, plus a few images and photos from the era.

Please note that although this is not a numbered limited edition, it's very likely that only 1000 CDs will be manufactured. If sales are reasonably encouraging, further CD releases on this label will follow!

We prefer Paypal. We realise that using PayPal to order is not everybody's cup of tea. So, If you cannot or don't wish to use PayPal, for any reason, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will endeavour to arrange an alternative method of payment.

However, please note, we cannot accept payment by credit/debit cards.

The full track listing is:

1.  Be Mine - Lance Fortune
2.  It's Not Too Late - Johnny Gavotte
3.  The Clanger March - Des Lane
4.  Arrivederci Baby - Little Tony & His Brothers
5.  You Made me Love You - Johnny De Little
6.  Easy Beat - Bert Weedon           
7.  Heartbeat - The England Sisters       
8.  Youthful Years - Danny Williams
9.  I Vibrate - Larry Page & The Saga Satellites
10. Mood One - The John Barry Orchestra
11. I want my Bed - Bobby Shafto     
12. Keep A Walkin' - Tony Rocco   
13. Mood Two - The John Barry Orchestra   
14. Action - Lance Fortune   
15. If the Young Ones can be Happy - Billy Cotton
16. Mood Three - The John Barry Orchestra
17. Love's a Secret Game - Dennis Lotis    
18. Love Me - Danny Davis
19. Mood Four - The John Barry Orchestra   
20. The Makings of a Man - Peter Gordeno           
21. Marilyn - Larry Page & The Saga Satellites
22. Moonbird - Des Lane            
23. Never Ending - Mark Tracey        
24. Nowhere in this World - Derry Hart & The Hartbeats   
25. Opposites - Billy Cotton & Kathie Kay   
26. Smoky Blues - The John Barry Orchestra
27. Ramona - The Five Dallas Boys   
28. They - Johnny  De  Little
29. Trouble Shooter - Bob Miller & The Millermen   
30. You're My Only Girl - Danny Davis
31. Baby Talk - Bill & Brett Landis   
32. I Got Eyes - Peter Gordeno
33. The Lolly Theme - The John Barry Orchestra
34. Santa Claus is coming to Town - Nina & Frederik   
35. Silent Night - Nina & Frederik
36. White Christmas - Nina & Frederik

Total running time 78' 59"

Some comments from buyers:

"Job well done Geoff, Pete and Gareth."

"... beatastic listening."

"Great compilation with great sound quality."

"... thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you."

"This is a fab CD... Firstly for the price you get a lot of music, 36 tracks. This is a wonderfully evocative CD and for anyone wanting to see how Barry honed his orchestration and arranging, this is the CD to buy."

"This album won't set the world alight but as a memento of some great, albeit very lightweight, pop tunes of the era (before the 1960's music scene did set the world alight) it is a great collection.

I've owned recordings of many (not quite all) of these songs for a long time but to hear them in good quality sound is wonderful. On another thread, others and I have mentioned the inclusion of Mr. Barry's Mood One, et al. and, yes, these are the highlights. But all of the other tracks are of interest and I'm grateful to Geoff and his colleagues for taking the effort to make this collection available."

""John Barry - The Early Years" is excellent ! It really made it a great afternoon yesterday and I feel I need to repeat the experience today."


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