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Here are some of the expanded track listings of the newly released 40th Anniversary Bond scores. Not all albums have been expanded.

"The five expanded titles -- Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, O.H.M.S.S., Diamonds and Live and Let Die -- represent EMI, MGM and independent contractors such as Film Score Monthly working very hard in not a lot of time to get Bond fans the best of the vintage 007 scores. The sound quality on these titles is STUNNING. The CDs feature the original LP programs followed by bonus sections of previously unreleased tracks."

No extra masters were available for Dr. No, From Russia With Love, or Moonraker (recorded in Paris). Licence To Kill was not included.

The rare vocal demos from Thunderball (Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), You Only Live Twice and Goldfinger are not being carried over for clearance reasons.


"Dr. Shatterhand" had a conversation with Lukas Kendall, producer of the James Bond Re-mastered Bonus Soundtracks. We link to his site.

Latest updates: The man with the Golden Gun, For your eyes only (Conti) and A view to a Kill by R.G., April 7, 2011.

Thanks everyone.



  • Dr. No

    Dr. No

    same as LP

    1. James Bond Theme
    2. Kingston Calypso
    3. Jamaican Rock
    4. Jump Up
    5. Audio Bongo
    6. Under The Mango Tree
    7. Twisting With James
    8. Jamaica Jazz
    9. Under The Mango Tree
    10. Jump Up
    11. Dr. No's Fantasy
    12. Kingston Calypso
    13. The Island Speaks
    14. Under The Mango Tree
    15. The Boy's Chase
    16. Dr. No's Theme
    17. The James Bond Theme
    18. Love At Last

  • From Russia with Love

    From Russia With Love


    same as LP

    1. Opening Titles / James Bond Is Back / From Russia With Love - (instrumental) / James Bond Theme
    2. Tania Meets Klebb
    3. Meeting In St. Sophia
    4. The Golden Horn
    5. Girl Trouble
    6. Bond Meets Tania
    7. 007
    8. Gypsy Camp
    9. Death Of Grant
    10. From Russia With Love - Matt Monro
    11. Spectre Island
    12. Guitar Lament
    13. Man Overboard / Smersh In Action
    14. James Bond With Bongos
    15. Stalking
    16. Leila Dances
    17. Death Of Kerin
    18. 007 Takes The Lektor

    In sequence

    1. Stalking
    2. Opening Titles: James Bond is Back / From Russia with Love / James Bond Theme
    3. SPECTRE Island
    4. Tania Meets Klebb
    5. James Bond with Bongos
    6. Girl Trouble
    7. 007
    8. Gypsy Camp
    9. Bond Meets Tania
    10. Meeting in St. Sophia
    11. 007 Takes the Lektor
    12. Death of Kerim
    13. Man Overboard / Death of Kronsteen
    14. From Russia with Love* Performed by Matt Monro

    DEATH OF GRANT consist of two cues whereas the first is the one that assist the scene that shows the assassination attempt on Kerim - the other is a cue "not used in the final print of the film" and must be the music for the scene as the title suggest the DEATH OF GRANT.

    The other music cues on the album was not to be found in the film.

    I chose to place From Russia With Love title song at the end as a nice way to round off the album but it can be placed in between "Tania Meets Klebb" and "James Bond with Bongos."

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Goldfinger


    Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey
    Into Miami
    Alpine Drive / Auric's Factory
    Oddjob's Pressing Engagement
    Bond Back In Action Again
    Teasing The Korean
    Gassing The Gangsters
    Goldfinger - (instrumental version)
    Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
    The Arrival Of The Bomb And Count Down
    Death Of Goldfinger, The End Titles

    Bonus Material:

    Golden Girl
    Death Of Tilley
    Laser Beam, The
    Pussy Galore's Flying Circus

    In sequence:

    Guide to Cutting and Sequencing the expanded Goldfinger

    by Neil S. Bulk

    This is an easy one to start with since the new re-mastered album can be programmed to play in sequence. The earlier album mistakenly combined two cues, and they had to be edited apart.

    5, 1, 2, 12, 3, 13, 14, 15, 6, 7, 4, 9, 10, 11, 8

    On my Goldfinger album I have also included Anthony Newley's recording of the theme from the 30th Anniversary album.


  • Thunderbal


    1. Thunderball (Main Title)
    2. Chateau Flight
    3. The Spa
    4. Switching The Body
    5. The Bomb
    6. Cafe Martinique
    7. Thunderball
    8. Death Of Fiona
    9. Bond Below Disco Volante
    10. Search For The Vulcan
    11. 007
    12. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Bonus Material:

    13. Gunbarrel/Traction Table/
    Gassing the Plane/Car Chase
    14. Bond Meets Domino/
    Shark Tank/Lights Out For Paula/
    For King and Country
    15. Street Chase
    16. Finding the Plane/
    Underwater Ballet/
    Bond With SPECTRE Frogmen/
    Leiter To The Rescue/
    Bond Joins Underwater Battle
    17. Underwater Mayhem/
    Death of Largo/End Titles
    18. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Mono)

    In sequence: Guide to Cutting and Sequencing the expanded Thunderball

    by Neil S. Bulk

    1. Gunbarrel and Chateau Flight 2:52

    "Gunbarrel" comes from the first 21 seconds of track 13. I then did a fade between "Gunbarrel" and "Chateau Flight". The final edited cue clocks in at 2:52.

    2. Thunderball - Tom Jones 3:03

    3. The Spa 2:42

    4. Traction Table 1:31

    This cue comes right after "Gunbarrel" on track 13.
    I faded it in quickly, so as not to lose the sax in the beginning, but to get rid of the fade out of the "Gunbarrel".
    I also added some silence at the end of this track.

    5. Switching the Body 2:48

    6. Gassing the Plane :56

    This cue comes right after "Traction Table" on track 13.

    7. The Bomb 4:20

    This is the second part of track 5, from the 1:23 minute mark until the end. The first part of the cue will be used later.

    8. Car Chase 1:54

    This cue comes right after "Gassing the Plane" on track 13.

    Most of this cue is unused. Just for fun, watch it with the film playing. It syncs up perfectly. It starts right on the shot of Count Lippe after Blofeld orders his execution.

    9. Bond Meets Domino 3:49

    This is the first 3:49 of track 14.

    10. Thunderball 3:57

    11. Cafe Martinique 3:45

    On the old CD this cue was mistakenly called "Cape Martinique".

    12. Shark Tank :59

    This cue comes right after "Bond Meets Domino" on track 14.

    13. Bond Below Disco Volante 4:05

    14. Search for Vulcan 2:28

    15. Lights Out for Paula 1:52

    This cue comes right after "Shark Tank" on track 14.

    16. For King and Country 1:36

    This cue comes right after "Lights Out for Paula" on track 14.

    17. Street Chase 3:23

    18. Death of Fiona 2:31

    19. Finding the Plane / Underwater Ballet 1:51

    This cue is the first 1:51 of track 16.

    20. Bond with SPECTRE Frogmen 3:34

    This cue comes right after "Finding the Plane / Underwater Ballet" on track 16.

    21. Leiter to the Rescue 1:37

    This cue comes right after "Bond with SPECTRE Frogmen" on track 16.

    22. Bond Joins Underwater Battle 4:36

    The first 1:23 of this track comes from the first 1:23 of track 5, "The Bomb". The second part of this cue comes right after "Leiter to the Rescue" on track 16.

    I faded out "The Bomb" and mixed in "Bond Joins Underwater Battle" around the 1:21 mark.

    The final cue runs 4:36.

    23. Underwater Mayhem 5:06

    This is the first 5:06 of track 17.

    24. Death of Largo 3:00

    This cue comes right after "Underwater Mayhem" on track 17.

    25. End Titles 2:13

    This cue comes right after "Death of Largo" on track 17.

    After this, there are various versions of "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang" that can be included, but I'll warn you, they will not all fit on one CD. I did make a 2 CD set, but I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it. The new album doesn't have the Dionne Warwick or Shirley Bassey renditions, and I'm not entirely sure that they are really missed. Experiment and have fun.

    Experiment and have fun.

    I would like to thank "GuruKenn" from the newsgroup for doing the initial editing and cue placement and I'd also like to thank John Cork for the unusually copious chapter stops on the CAV Thunderball deluxe laser disc box set. They both made making this edit of the album very easy.


  • You Only Live Twice

    You Only Live Twice


    1. You Only Live Twice (Title Song) - Nancy Sinatra
    2. Capsule In Space
    3. Fight At Kobe Dock-Helga
    4. Tanaka's World
    5. A Drop In The Ocean
    6. The Death Of Aki
    7. Mountains And Sunsetsv 8. The Wedding
    9. James Bond - Astronaut?
    10. Countdown For Blofeld
    11. Bond Averts World War Three
    12. You Only Live Twice (End Title) - Nancy Sinatra

    Bonus Material:

    13. James Bond In Japan (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
    14. Aki, Tiger And Osato (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
    15. Little Nellie (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
    16. Soviet Capsule (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
    17. Spectre And Village (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
    18. James Bond - Ninja (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
    19. Twice Is The Only Way To Live (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)

    In sequence:

    Guide to Cutting and Sequencing the Complete You Only Live Twice

    By Neil S. Bulk

    1. Gunbarrel and Capsule in Space 3:04

    The “gunbarrel” comes from the first 23 seconds of “James Bond in Japan”. I cut off the first .414 seconds of “Capsule in Space” to get rid of the silence.

    I overlapped “Capsule in Space” onto the “Gunbarrel” at 23.018 seconds, and they segue perfectly into one another.

    2. Dead on the Job :57

    This cue is from “James Bond in Japan”. It comes right after the “Gunbarrel” at the 23 second mark (23.777 to be precise)

    I added about 2 seconds of silence at the end of this track, so the transition to the title song is not as jarring.

    3. You Only Live Twice - Title Song 2:45

    4. Burial At Sea 2:01

    This cue comes right after "Dead on the Job" in the cue, "James Bond in Japan" It includes an unused section

    5. James Bond in Japan 7:20

    This is the remainder of the "James Bond in Japan" cue.

    6. Chasing Aki 1:14

    This is the first 1:14 of "Aki, Tiger and Osato"

    7. Tanaka's World

    8. Tiger, Aki and Osato 4:29

    This is the remainder of "Aki, Tiger and Osato" re-titled only because the characters come in at different times now.

    9. A Drop in the Ocean 2:58

    10. Fight at Kobe Dock - Helga 4:01

    11. Little Nellie 3:45

    12. Soviet Capsule 2:05

    13. SPECTRE 3:41

    This track needs music from "James Bond - Astronaut?"

    To assemble this track, the first 1:03 is from this track ("SPECTRE and Village").

    Then you must cut out the first 1:41 from "James Bond - Astronaut?" and cut that section onto the tail of the first 1:03 of "SPECTRE and Village".

    At the 2:41.951 mark into this combined cue I mixed the next minute of music from "SPECTRE and Village". You will need to fade out this track.

    The final track runs 3:41.

    14. The Death of Aki 4:19

    15. Assassination Attempt :29

    This is a very short cue. It comes from the "Village" portion of "SPECTRE and Village".

    16. The Wedding 2:45

    17. Nightfall

    This is the last 1:14 of "SPECTRE and Village".

    18. Mountains and Sunsets 3:09

    19. James Bond - Ninja 5:23

    This is the first 5:21 of this track.

    I added about 2 seconds of silence to this track so that the start of the next track isn't jarring.

    20. James Bond - Astronaut? 1:48

    This is the second half of the cue from 1:41 to 3:29.

    The first half of this cue was cut into track 11, "SPECTRE and Village".

    21. Countdown for Blofeld 2:37

    22. Ninjas 1:28

    This runs 1:27 and is the second part of "James Bond - Ninja".

    There is a short unused section at the end of this cue, that I have chosen not to include here.

    23. Bond Averts World War Three 2:17

    24. Coda and Twice is the Only Way to Live 3:04

    The short coda is the last 17 seconds of "James Bond - Ninja". I simply mixed that into the beginning of "Twice is the Only Way to Live" and it worked out fine.

    25. You Only Live Twice (Julie Rogers) 3:07

    This is the "demo" version of the song from the 30th Anniversary album.

    26. You Only Live Twice (radio spot) 1:01

    27. You Only Live Twice - End Title

    This is the revised final end titles as heard on the album.

    If there are any errors or suggestions, feel free to let me know.


  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    Bonus Material:

    Journey To Draco's Hideaway
    Bond and Draco
    Gumbold's Safe
    Bond Settles In
    Bond Meets The Girls
    Dusk At Piz Gloria
    Sir Hillary's Night Out (Who Will Buy My Yesterdays)
    Blofeld's Plot
    Escape From Piz Gloria
    Bobsled Chase

    In sequence:

    By Neil S. Bulk:

    Here is the way Lukas Kendall intially sequenced On Her Majesty's Secret Service, until the lawyers butted in.

    2, 6, 8, 3, 12, 13, 1, 14, 7, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 5, 4, 9, 10, 21, 11

    No editing required on that one.

    James Luckard points out:

    On the OHMSS track listing, the instrumental version of We Have All The Time In The World is between Journey to Blofeld's Hideaway and Bond Settles In. There is indeed a version of the tune at the place in the film, but it is a very brief statement of the march version also heard in Journey to Draco's Hideaway, and not this light, jazzy version. This version is much like Try, and sounds like source music. It appears nowhere in the film, so I stuck it on the end as a bonus track.

  • Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds Are Forever (Main Title) - Shirley Bassey
    Bond Meets Bambi And Thumper
    Moon Buggy Ride
    Circus, Circus
    Death At The Whyte House
    Diamonds Are Forever
    Diamonds Are Forever
    Bond Smells A Rat
    Tiffany Case
    007 And Counting
    Q's Trick
    To Hell With Blofeld

    Bonus Material:

    Gunbarrel and Manhunt
    Mr.Wint and Mr.Kidd / Bond To Holland
    Peter Franks
    Airport Source / On The Road
    Slumber Inc.
    The Whyte House
    Plenty, Then Tiffany
    Following The Diamonds
    Additional and Alterante Cues

    In sequence:

    By Neil S. Bulk

    Again, Diamonds are Forever requires very little editing, but I'll get to that in a moment.

    13, 1, 14 ,9 ,15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 4, 20, 3, 6, 5, 8, 2, 11, 10, 12, 7, 21

    Now this is the way the album was assembled initially. Now track 6 ("Diamonds are Forever - Source") Lukas sequenced later than it's initial appearance. I've always known this as the music used when Bond first meets Tiffany ("If the collars and cuffs match"), but I think it's used several times. If you want to sequence the cue earlier, it comes before track 9 ("Tiffany Case").

    As for track 21, I've read of some people cutting it up and sequencing that, but some of the cues are so short or incidental, I don't feel the need. If you really want to do it the Volume 8 Number 5 edition of Film Score Monthly has all of the details and more.


  •  Live And Let Die

    Live And Let Die

    Live And Let Die (Main Title) - Paul McCartney/Wings
    Just A Closer Walk With Thee / New Second Line - Harold A. "Duke" Dejan & The Olympia Brass Band
    Bond Meets Solitaire
    Whisper Who Dares
    Snakes Alive
    Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death
    San Monique
    Fillet Of Soul No / Live And Let Die - BJ Arnau / Fillet Of Soul
    Bond Drops In
    If He Finds It, Kill Him
    Trespassers Will Be Eaten
    Solitaire Gets Her Cards
    James Bond Theme

    Bonus Material:

    Bond to New York
    San Monique
    Bond and Rosie
    The Lovers
    New Orleans
    Boat Chase
    Underground Lair

    In sequence:

    By Neil S. Bulk

    1. Gunbarrel / Snakebit 1:27

    You may want to play with this. The song Live and Let Die was supposed to be mixed in with the very end of "Snakebit" but for contractual reasons it could not be done that way on this album. Nothing is stopping you from doing it though.

    2. Live and Let Die - Main Title 3:12

    3. Bond to New York 1:18

    This is the first 1:18 of "Bond to New York"

    4. Whisper Who Dares 1:43

    5. Harlem 1:14

    This is the next 1:14 of "Bond to New York"

    6. The James Bond Theme 1:47

    7. Bond Meets Solitaire

    8. Something Happens :14

    This is the last 14 seconds of "Bond to New York". Time for a small confession. I'm not sure what this is meant to underscore, since I really can't stand the movie and the idea of having to watch part of it only for 14 seconds is very off-putting. If you have a suggestion for a better track title, please let me know. The same goes for the track titled "Harlem".

    9. Baron Samedi's Dance of Death 1:42

    10. San Monique 1:57

    11. Snakes Alive 2:41

    12. Bond and Rosie 3:51

    13. Bond Drops In :40

    This is the first 40 seconds of "Bond Drops In"

    14. The Lovers 2:09

    15. If He Finds It, Kill Him 1:20

    16. New Orleans 2:53

    17. Solitaire Gets Her Cards 1:50

    18. Trespassers Will Be Eaten 2:45

    19. Boat Chase 2:01

    20. Sacrifice 3:21

    21. Underground Lair 3:59

    You'll want to cut off the last 19 seconds of this track. They come in at another point on the album.

    22. Train Ride 3:10

    This is the remaining 2:52 of "Bond Drops In" combined with the 19 second cue cut off of "Underground Lair".

    23. Just a Closer Walk With Thee / New Second Line 2:15

    This is a source cue and may not even be the cue as heard in the film

    24. Live and Let Die - B.J. Arnau 2:13

    25. San Monique (alternate) 2:46

    26. Filet of Soul - New Orleans 1:07


  • The Man With The Golden Gun

    The Man With The Golden Gun

    same as LP

    Main Title
    Scaramanga's Fun House
    Chew Me In Crisly Land
    Man With The Golden Gun
    Getting The Bullet
    Goodnight Goodnight
    Let's Go Get 'Em
    Hip's Trip
    Kung Fu Fight
    In Search Of Scaramanga's Island
    Return To Scaramanga's Fun House
    End Title

    In sequence:
    (Thank you, R.G.)
    No editing needed, only resequencing and one track from another album to recut and add.

    01. Scaramanga's Fun House

    Track 02

    02. The Man With The Golden Gun - Main Title (Lulu)

    Track 01

    03. Getting The Bullet

    Track 05

    04. Hip's Trip

    Track 08

    05. Chew Me In Grisly Land

    Track 03

    06. Kung Fu Fight

    Track 09

    07. Goodnight Goodnight

    Track 06

    08. Let's Go Get 'Em

    Track 07

    09. In Search Of Scaramanga's Island

    Track 10

    10. Return To Scaramanga's Fun House

    Track 11

    11. Slow Boat From China - Nick Nack 

    First 2'00 of « Slow Boat From China - Nick Nack », Track 03 from « Bond back In action Vol.2 »

    12. The Man With The Golden Gun - End Title (Lulu)

    Track 12

    13. The Man With The Golden Gun (Jazz Instrumental)

    Track 04 –

    Note : Unused in the movie… and quite obnoxious to listen.

  • The Spy who Loved me

    The Spy Who Loved Me

    same as LP

    1. Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon
    2. Bond 77 (James Bond Theme)
    3. Ride To Atlantis
    4. Mojave Club
    5. Nobody Does It Better - (instrumental)
    6. Anya
    7. The Tanker
    8. The Pyramids
    9. Eastern Lights
    10. Conclusion
    11. End Titles / Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon

  • Moonraker


    same as LP

    Moonraker (Main Title) - Shirley Bassey
    Space Lazer Battle
    Miss Goodhead Meets Bond
    Cable Car And Snake Fight
    Bond Lured To Pyramid
    Flight Into Space
    Bond Arrives In Rio And Boat Chase
    Centrifuge And Corrinne Put Down
    Bond Smells A Rat
    Moonraker (End Title) - Shirley Bassey

    in sequence:

    Moonraker - Main Title
    Centrifuge (First 1:08 of Track 8)
    Safe Cracking Last 1:33 of Track 3)
    Corrine Put Down Last 1:29 of Track 8)
    Bond Smells a Rat 
    Miss Goodhead Meets Bond
    ( First 1:17 of Track 3)
    Bond Arrives in Rio (First 1:06 of Track 7)
    Cable Car (First 1:56 of Track 4)
    Boat Chase (Last 1:34 of Track 7)
    Bond Lured to Pyramid 
    Snake Fight (Last 1:14 of Track 4)
    Flight into Space 
    Space Lazer Battle 
    Moonraker - End Title

  • For Your Eyes Only

    For Your Eyes Only

    Same content as Rykodisc release

    For Your Eyes Only - Sheena Easton
    A Drive In The Country
    Take Me Home
    Melina's Revenge
    Gonzales Takes A Drive
    St. Cyril's Monastery
    Make It Last All Night
    For Your Eyes Only
    P.M. Gets The Bird, The /
    For Your Eyes Only (Reprise)

    Bonus Material:

    Gunbarrel / Flowers For Teresa /
    Sinking The St. Georges
    Unfinished Business /
    Bond Meets Kristatos
    Ski... Shoot... Jump...
    Goodbye, Countess /
    No Head For Heights / Dining Alone
    Recovering The ATAC
    Sub Vs. Sub
    Run Them Down / The Climb

    In sequence:
    (Thank you, R.G.)

    Editing and resequencing needed:

    01. Gunbarrel - Flowers for Teresa

    First 1'46 of Track 13

    02. The End of Blofeld

    0'35 to the end of Track 04

    Note : it seems this is an extended version

    03. For Your Eyes Only - Main Title (Sheena Easton)

    Track 01

    04. Sinking the St. Georges

    1'46 to the end of Track 13

    05. Melina's Revenge

    First 0'35 of Track 04

    06. Bond In Madrid

    First 1'00 of Track 05

    07. Make It Last All Night (Rage)

    Track 7

    Note : well... you can skip that one.

    08. Gonzales Takes A Drive

    Last 2'13 of Track 05

    Note : And I don’t think that splitting in two the Track 05 is a good idea. Do as you wish.

    09. A Drive In The Country

    Track 02

    10. Unfinished Business

    First 0'52 of Track 14

    11. Cortina

    Track 11

    12. Bond Meets Kristatos

    Last 1'15 of Track 14

    13. Ski... Shoot... Jump…

    Track 15

    14. Runaway

    Track 08

    15. Take Me Home

    Track 03

    16. Goodbye, Countess - No Head For Heights

    First of 1'24 Track 16

    17. For Your Eyes Only (Instrumental)

    Track 10

    18. Submarine

    Track 09

    19. Dining Alone

    Last 2'00 of Track 16

    20. Recovering The ATAC

    Track 17

    21. Sub vs. Sub

    Track 18

    22. Run Them Down

    First 1'48 of Track 19

    23. St. Cyril's Monastery

    First 1'58 of Track 06

    24. The Climb

    Last 1'11 of Track 19

    25. Inside the Monastery

    Note : I am not very pleased with the resequencing of Tracks 06 and 19 which needs too much fade out and not very convincing editing tricks. The album versions are composed as very fine suites (like Track 05), hence I think these versions are better that way and should stay as they are, but in the corrected presentation order : Track 19 then Track 06. But again, it’s your call.

    Last of Track 06

    26. The PM Gets The Bird - End Titles (Sheena Easton)

    Track 12

  •  Octopussy


    Same content as Rykodisc release

    1. All Time High - Rita Coolidge
    2. Bond Look Alike
    3. 009 Gets The Knife And Gorbinda Attacks
    4. That's My Little Octopussy
    5. Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy
    6. Bond At The Monsoon Palace
    7. Bond Meets Octopussy
    8. Yo Yo Fight And Death Of Vijay
    9. The Chase Bomb Theme
    10. The Palace Fight
    11. All Time High - Rita Coolidge

  • A View To A Kill

    A View To A Kill

    same as LP

    Main Title Song (A View To A Kill) - Duran Duran
    Snow Job
    May Day Jumps
    Bond Meets Stacey (A View To A Kill)
    Pegasus' Stable
    Tibbett Gets Washed Out
    Airship To Silicon Valley
    He's Dangerous
    Bond Underwater
    Wine With Stacey (A View To A Kill)
    Bond Escapes Roller
    Destroy Silicon Valley
    May Day Bombs Out
    Golden Gate Fight
    End Title Song (A View To A Kill) - Duran Duran

    In sequence:
    (Thank you, R.G.)

    No editing needed, only resequencing and one track from another album to recut and add.

    01. Snow Job

    Track 02

    02. A View To A Kill - Main Title (Duran Duran)

    Track 01

    03. May Day Jumps

    Track 03

    04. Bond Meets Stacey

    Track 04

    05. Pegasus Stable

    Track 05

    06. Tibbett Gets Washed Out

    Track 06

    07. Bond Escape Roller

    Track 11

    08. Bond Underwater

    Track 09

    09. Wine With Stacey

    Track 10

    10. Fanfare

    Second part of Track 11 from « Bond Back In Action Vol.2 »

    11. He's Dangerous

    Track 08

    12. Destroy Silicon Valley

    Track 12

    13. Airship To Silicon Valley

    Track 07

    14. May Day Bombs Out

    Track 13

    15. Golden Gate Fight

    Track 14

    16. A View to a Kill - End Title (Duran Duran)

    Track 15

  • The Living Daylights

    The Living Daylights

    Same content as Rykodisc release

    The Living Daylights, - A-ha
    Necros Attacks
    The Sniper Was A Woman
    Ice Chase
    Kara Meets Bond
    Koskov Escapes
    Where Has Everybody Gone - The Pretenders
    Into Vienna
    Hercules Takes Off
    Mujahadin And Opium
    Inflight Fight
    If There Was A Man - The Pretenders

    Bonus Material:

    Exercise At Gibralter
    Approaching Kara
    Murder At The Fair
    "Assassin" and Drugged
    Airbase Jailbreak
    Afghanistan Plan
    Air Bond
    Final Confrontation
    Alternate End Titles

    Film sequence:

    13, 1, 3, 6, 2, 7, 14, 5, 4, 15, 16, 17, 10, 18, 9, 11, 19, 20, 12.
    Tracks 8 and 21 are not heard in the film.


    James Luckard points out:

    Into Vienna is indeed not in the film. However, it's merely an alternate synthesized rendition of the film version of Into Vienna, which is not on the album at all. Therefore, I chose to put it where Into Vienna belongs, namely between Ice Chase and Murder At The Fair. You might want to let people know about this option, it makes the music flow more smoothly, and stops the CD from ending with three versions of the same piece.

  • Goldeneye


    1. Goldeneye - Tina Turner
    2. Goldeneye The Overture
    3. Ladies First
    4. We Share The Same Passions
    5. A Little Surprise For You
    6. The Servernaya Suite
    7. Our Lady Of Smolensk
    8. Whispering Statues
    9. Run, Shoot, And Jump
    10. A Pleasant Drive In St. Petersburg
    11. Fatal Weakness
    12. That's What Keeps You Alone
    13. Dish Out Of Water
    14. The Scale To Hell
    15. For Ever, James
    16. The Experience Of Love - Eric Serra

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