Great British Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals Vol. 1

Wednesday, 30 December 2009 12:21 Written by

Of some possible interest is a forthcoming double CD: Great British Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals Vol. 1, which will contain recordings by The John Barry Seven.

It seems likely this will be a "public domain" release since the sub-title is "The original rock 'n roll recordings 1949-1959".

Track details are not known at this time but we'll update as soon as possible. 

 The Mail on Sunday will give away a CD of Shirley Bassey's Greatest Hits, includes 'Our Time Is Now'.

The UK newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, has announced that with their issue of 29th November they will give away a CD of Shirley Bassey's Greatest Hits. The tracks will include Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever and Our Time Is Now, the new composition from John Barry & Don Black.

The full listing is:

* Goldfinger, * Diamonds Are Forever, * I (Who Have Nothing), * Big Spender, * Something, * Climb Every Mountain,
* What Now My Love, * Tonight, * Reach For The Stars, * What Kind Of Fool Am I?, * For All We Know, * Don't Cry For Me Argentina, * Our Time Is Now, * Apartment 

Western Motion Picture Concert in Berlin, Germany

Monday, 16 November 2009 12:19 Written by

Western Motion Picture Concert in Berlin, Germany, includes Dances With Wolves (Suite)

On 27 and 29 November 2009 the "Rundfunk Symphonie Orchestra Berlin" plays film music from Western. There will be played rare classics but also musics from modern Western. Specifically for these purposes, original notes of the composers have been organized. Film music specialist Frank Strobel will conduct the 120 min concert.

Dimitri Tiomkin: Alamo - Overture & Prologue / Gunfight At The OK Corral - Main Title Rio Bravo - Main Title & De Guella / Rawhide - Theme / Elmer Bernstein: The Sons Of Katie Elder - Suite / Magnificent Seven - Suite / Jerome Moross: The Big Country - Main Title / Ennio Morricone: Once Upon A Time In The West - The Man with The Harmonica, Farewell To Cheyenne, Main Theme / Bruce Broughton: Silverado / Tombstone / John Barry: Dances With Wolfes (Suite) / Alan Silvestri: The Quick And The Death / Marthy Stuart/Kristin Wilkinson: All The Pretty Horses / Michael Kamen: Open Range

Haus des Rundfunks - Großer Sendesaa, Masurenallee 8-14, 14057 Berlin
27.11. 2009 20:00 Cest, 29.11. 2009 16:00 Cest
Direct ticket order

Photos and clips from Hollywood in Vienna

Friday, 16 October 2009 12:16 Written by

update November 26, 2009

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Photos taken by Walter Landgraf, Wien.
Before the concert started.
Composer David Arnold.
James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.
James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.
John's daughter, fashion photographer Kate Barry receives the Max Steiner award on behalf of her father.
Composer David Arnold.
Composer Bruce Broughton and conductor Nicholas Dodd.


Photos taken by Damian Soltysik , Poland
Composer David Arnold.
James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.
During the concert.
During the concert.
During the concert.
During the concert.
During the concert.

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A message was put on the Hollywood in Vienna website this morning, October 12, with the following news:

"John Barry very sadly cannot accept his award in person, as his wife, Laurie, suffered from an acute illness that could not be foreseen and is not allowed to fly via plane.

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli and David Arnold will accept the Max Steiner award in behalf of John Barry.

And John Barry will take part via video connection from NY. James Bond conductor Nicholas Dodd conducts the Barry tribute."

“Americans was a thrilling experience"

Friday, 02 October 2009 10:53 Written by

Americans CD - John Barry

Americans was a thrilling experience, a record with the concept of an imaginary soundtrack: for the very first time, instead of appearing on a screen, the images came from inside me."

John Barry interviewed by Stéphane Lerouge on the release of Americans on CD

Read the article here...

The Music of ITC released on CD

Monday, 28 September 2009 10:52 Written by

Original as-used-in-the-series recordings such as The Persuaders! and The Adventurer released on CD

"The Music of ITC is an exceptionally cool collection of theme and incidental music from series such as

  • Man in a Suitcase,
  • The Protectors,
  • Strange Report,
  • Department S,
  • The Prisoner,
  • Gideons' Way,
  • The Baron,
  • Strange Report,
  • The Persuaders!,
  • The Adventurer
  • and more."

Two discs. Sound is mono. 

Americans to be released on CD

Sunday, 20 September 2009 10:50 Written by

*John Barry / Americans

*Universal Music Jazz France
CD release on November the 9th

Walking a tightrope between the wide-screen spectacular and the /film/ /d'auteur/, John Barry is a sensitive and sophisticated composer whose most famous scores (say, action movies, the Bond films and "The Persuaders"), were poor camouflage for a more secret form of inspiration whose character was introspective.

In Barry's career, "Americans" stands out clearly. In 1975, Polydor Records gave John Barry the opportunity to freely record a quite personal 12" LP that was his first album outside films, and Barry structured his "Americans" concept: a vast album that reflected his visual and sound-impressions of The United States in six original compositions, including a sumptuous 'Yesternight suite' some eighteen minutes long. "It's like an imaginary soundtrack," says the composer. "Instead of appearing on a screen, the images come up from inside me." Combining some of the best soloists in jazz (Dick Nash, Ronnie Lang, Tony Terran) with a symphony orchestra, "Americans" is a permanent firework display that constitutes a peak in the composer's opus, a work whose swing allows glimpses of an overhanging melancholy tinged with lyrical 'tristesse' and disillusionment. With this first issue of "Americans" on CD, John Barry makes his entrance in the "Ecoutez le cinéma!" series.

More than a simple reissue, it's an event. 

Bobby Graham dies

Thursday, 17 September 2009 10:48 Written by

 Bobby Graham, legendary drummer and former leader of the John Barry Seven dies

Bobby Graham and John BarrySeptember is becoming a bad month for deaths. We are very sad to announce that Bobby Graham, legendary drummer and former leader of the John Barry Seven has died after losing his battle against cancer.

Bob was one of the finest rock 'n' roll drummers the UK has ever seen. He played on countless hit records (and many misses, too) both as a session musician and as a member of groups like Joe Brown & The Bruvvers and the JB7.

It's especially sad for me because Bob was a great help when I was writing the first biography of John Barry. He had a fund of very amusing stories about life as a musician, but the most interesting one concerned the closely-guarded secret that he had played drums on all the Dave Clark Five recordings, while Clark himself, who was not a technically proficient drummer, masterminded the recordings.

Bob had accepted a larger than usual session fee to keep this to himself but after so many years decided it was time to make it public!

During one of our conversations he even offered to fix me up with a Filipina wife (he had just married one himself) but I told him I was too used to being on my own!

He will doubtless be sorely missed by all his friends and family and it is fortunate that so many of his performances will live on in the form of records and CDs.

His autobiography, The Session Man, is still widely available at a bargain price. It's a fitting memory and tribute to his lengthy career. 

BBC News has provided the main details of Dame Shirley Bassey's new album, The Performance, which is due for release in November.  Producer David Arnold is one of the song-writers involved, along with The Manic Street Preachers and The Pet Shop Boys, but the great news for Barry fans is that he and Don Black have contributed a song, Our Time is Now. This is the first song they have written for Dame Shirley since Diamonds are Forever, some 38 years ago!

The album will be released on November 9. Track listing:

Almost There (Tom Baxter)
Apartment (Rufus Wainwright)
This Time (Gary Barlow)
Love You Now (Kaiser Chiefs)
Our Time is Now (John Barry / Don Black)
As God is my Witness (David Arnold / David McAlmont)
No Good about Goodbye (David Arnold / Don Black)
The Girl from Tiger Bay (Manic Street Preachers)
Nice Men (KT Tunstall)
After The Rain (Richard Hawley)
The Performance of My Life (Pet Shop Boys)

"John Barry working on new project with Paul O'Duffy

Saturday, 08 August 2009 10:47 Written by

"John Barry is working on a new project with producer Paul O'Duffy"

According to a report in Music Week, Barry is working on a new project with producer Paul O'Duffy. No further details are known but the two have previously worked together, notably on The Living Daylights and Chaplin. O'Duffy was also apparently involved in some capacity in the JB Royal Albert Hall concerts ten years ago. 

Six-Five Special & Oh Boy! on CD

Thursday, 18 June 2009 10:46 Written by

In 1957-8 John Barry contributed to two compilation albums: Six-Five Special & Oh Boy!, via The John Barry Seven. They had a total of five tracks on these two albums. 

These LPs are now in the public domain in the UK, being more than fifty-years-old. in July they are being released on one CD by Jasmine Records.

Please see the following for full details in this PDF file

Mike's Murder CD release on Prometheus

Monday, 01 June 2009 10:45 Written by



Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by John Barry

2. CAUTIOUS 0:56
3. HIDE OUT 0:48
4. UP TOP 0:49
6. BEDROOM 1:18
8. COKE 1:34
9. SMOKE OR NOT 0:52
10. MIKE IS DEAD 1:34
11. BETTY AND SAM 0:37
12. DRIVING 1:00
14. BLOODY ROOM 2:42
15. MIRROR 0:34

Bonus tracks:
19. MIKE'S MURDER - Outtake suite 18:40

Source cues:
21. ROCK SOURCE CUE - Mix #1 1:49
22. ROCK SOURCE CUE - Mix #2 3:01

Total Time: 55:27

John Barry - Hollywood in Vienna

Tuesday, 28 April 2009 15:49 Written by

Hollywood In Vienna - John Barry - October 14, 2009

John Barry in Vienna

World-renowned film composer John Barry will be honored on October 14th, 2009 by the City of Vienna at the film music gala concert „HOLLYWOOD IN VIENNA" with the newly established „Max Steiner Life Achievement Award", in remembrance of the Viennese film music pioneer Max Steiner.

Few composers of the past half-century have enjoyed as much popular success or worldwide influence as John Barry, born in York, England, in 1933. The winner of five Oscars, four Grammys and other honors ranging from America’s Golden Globe to Britain’s Anthony Asquith Award, has written some of the most memorable movie music of our time: Born Free, Midnight Cowboy, Goldfinger, Out of Africa, Dances With Wolves, Somewhere in Time and dozens of other scores.

Barry will be the first film composer to receive the Max Steiner Award and he considers this prize as one of the biggest honors of his life. He will accept the award in person and will take over the baton himself to conduct highlights of his film music ("Goldfinger") with the prestigious Radio-Symphony Orchestra Vienna in the Vienna concert hall.

Main conductor of the „HOLLYWOOD IN VIENNA" Gala Concert will be Nicholas Dodd. He has already worked with John Barry in several concerts, including a "Tribute to John Barry" evening with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London´s Royal Albert Hall in 2007. Furthermore, Nicholas Dodd served as conductor and arranger of the past Bond scores by David Arnold, such as "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace".

The "Hollywood in Vienna" concert program will include the most famous film scores by John Barry, such as a "James Bond Suite", "Out of Africa", "Dances with Wolves" and "Born Free". Apart from Barry´s compositions Dodd will also present music by Max Steiner, John Williams, David Arnold and Ennio Morricone in the first part of the gala. The concert will be broadcast via several European radio stations.

On October 9th & 10th 2009 John Barry, as well as Bruce Broughton and Austrian born Hollywood composer Harald Kloser will also take part in an International Film Music Symposium at the Vienna University for Music and Performing Arts.

Further information. www.hollywood-in-vienna.com.

Tickets for „HOLLYWOOD IN VIENNA" are available at the box office of the Vienna Concert Hall (phone 0043 1 242002, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or online via http://konzerthaus.at/events/

Never Let Go on the big screen Barbican

Sunday, 19 April 2009 15:48 Written by

A rare opportunity to see this film on the big(ish) screen. London-based
fans might find it easier.

We've already missed a screening of Calling All Cats (The Six-Fix
Special) last month!

Spencer Leigh talks to Vic Flick

Monday, 23 March 2009 15:48 Written by

On The Beat 21/03/2009: Spencer Leigh talks to Vic Flick, guitarist with the John Barry Seven

Spencer Leigh talks to Vic Flick, guitarist with the John Barry Seven. BBC iPlayer. Good stuff from Vic, as you would expect. It's not all about JB (though mostly) but definitely worth a listen.Fast forward about one hour 25 minutes to get to Vic's interview. A number of Adam Faith tracks are included.

Hanover Street on CD from Varèse Sarabande Soundtrack ClubMusic Composed by John Barry

Arguably the most sought after, never-before-released, score by John Barry! Without question it is one of the greats … by one of the greats! Hanover Street (1979) is finally available! A 30th anniversary rescue! Believe it!

An epic love story set during the London Blitz of WWII … this is prime Barry from the time of The Black Hole (1979), Moonraker (1979), Somewhere In Time (1980) and Raise The Titanic (1980).

War-torn Europe is the setting for this Peter Hyams-directed romantic action/adventure from Columbia Pictures about the fateful entanglements of two men in love with the same woman. Lt. David Halloran (Harrison Ford), a courageous American bomber pilot, and a British nurse (Lesley-Anne Down) accidentally meet during an air raid and fall instantly in love. Committed to an assignment, David asks her to meet him two weeks later in spite of the fact that she is married. And she does. Her husband, Paul Sellinger (Christopher Plummer), is a British intelligence officer in charge of a special, dangerous mission behind enemy lines. As fate would have it, Halloran is chosen to fly Sellinger on the task. When their plane is shot down, the two must work together to complete the mission - and it is only then that Halloran discovers who Sellinger is.

John Barry’s complete score has been painstakingly restored, filling the CD to capacity! Over 60 minutes of music in glorious stereo plus four bonus cues taken from the sole surviving mono source … this release of Hanover Street has been nothing short of an epic production unto itself. It’s a score that has been held as a holy grail by many since the day they first heard it! This very special release, which launches a very special year for the Varèse Sarabande CD Club, is for them and for all fans of lush, unabashedly romantic, film music!

1. Main Title (3:44)
2. David Meets Margaret (1:31)
3. The Bombing (3:15)
4. On Hanover Street (3:25)
5. Making Love (2:08)
6. Home Life (1:37)
7. Countryside And Courtship (1:57)
8. Christmas Eve (1:45)
9. Trying To Forget (3:20)
10. Message From Paul (1:30)
11. Change Of Plans (1:33)
12. Direct Hit (1:59)
13. Bail Out Over France (3:08)
14. Gestapo Headquarters (2:07)
15. Cover Blown (6:03)
16. A Resourceful Man (2:47)
17. Motorcycle Chase And Bridge Battle (4:14)
18. Finale (3:56)
19. End Credits (2:37)

Bonus Tracks:

20. Chatanooga Choo-Choo (Source) (2:45)
21. Little Brown Jug (Source) (3:26)
22. Finale (Alternate) (3:58)
23. Gestapo Headquarters (Revised - mono) (2:07)
24. Cover Blown (Revised - mono) (6:01)
25. Motorcycle Chase And Bridge Battle (Revised - mono) (4:24)
26. Finale (Revised - mono) (3:48)

John Barry is to make a personal appearance at a screening of Midnight Cowboy, which is "going to be shown March 16th in Manhattan as part of the Academy's "Monday Nights With Oscar" series.

Afterwards there will be a discussion featuring producer Jerome Hellman, composer John Barry (veteran of countless Bond films), and actor Bob Balaban (who made his movie debut as the kid who picks up Voight in a grindhouse)..."

Until September - Intrada CD release

Thursday, 05 February 2009 15:42 Written by

Until September - John Barry - Intrada releaseUNTIL SEPTEMBER

Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 90
Date: 1984
Tracks: 16
Time = 35:53

Another treat for John Barry fans! World premiere of complete original soundtrack from Richard Marquand romantic drama with Karen Allen, Thierry Lhermitte.

Though film requires relatively brief score, Barry takes cue from beautiful Paris setting, gives signature melodic style center stage. Warm romantic music is result.

Dramatic content in movie allows room for more serious ideas but gorgeous melody remains keynote throughout.

Intrada has access to original 1/2" three-track stereo session masters stored in MGM vaults, presents CD with all tracks from Varese Sarabande LP plus previously unreleased music & sequences everything in chronological order for first time as well. John Barry conducts.

Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!

01. Main Title – Until September 1:17 Hear This Track
02. Waiting; First Flight 1:49
03. Second Spat 1:50
04. Foreplay 2:48
05. Score 1:04
06. Candle Light 2:32 Hear This Track
07. The Morning After 2:10 Hear This Track
08. Excuse 1:02

09. “It’s Love” 0:57
10. Memories 3:25
11. One More Time 2:42
12. Hotel 1:50 Hear This Track
13. Seine 1:51 Hear This Track
14. Not Again! 1:33
15. He Catches Her 5:43 Hear This Track
16. End Title – Until September 2:31

TALK TIME: Dana Kaproff and The Golden Seal

Thursday, 31 January 2008 15:41 Written by

TALK TIME: Dana Kaproff and The Golden Seal

Interview with Dana Kaproff

Update April 2015: link is gone.

The Golden Seal released on CD

Thursday, 22 January 2009 15:39 Written by

Golden Seal CDLabel: Intrada Special Collection Volume 89
Date: 1983
Tracks: 21
Time = 61:59

Treat for John Barry fans! World premiere release of complete original soundtrack Barry scored with co-composer Dana Kaproff for Frank Zuniga adventure about family living in Aleutian islands, starring Steve Railsback, Michael Beck. Barry supplied several impressive cues, Kaproff worked with those themes plus created several ideas of his own. Results are coherent, beautiful, exciting music! Main theme is warm, other ideas range from pastorale to dramatic. Barry's "The Frolic" is outstanding sequence melding both warm theme for strings with dynamic, regal splendor for brass. Intrada newly masters entire CD from actual 1/2" 3-track stereo session masters vaulted at MGM in mint condition, includes all original LP contents plus several previously unreleased cues. Amongst new highlights is Barry's lengthy, dramatic "Broken Promise". CD also has original End Title song "Letting Go" by John Barry & Don Black, sung by Glen Campbell plus both LP version of Main Title (with water & bird effects), premiere of newly remixed version without effects. Complete breakdown of each composer's work plus informative notes by Jeff Bond complete generous package. John Barry supervises, Dana Kaproff conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 2000 copies!

01. Main Title 2:17
02. Semeyon & Voyage 2:42 Hear This Track
03. First Glimpse 0:33
04. The Legend Of The Golden Seal 2:01
05. Something In The Air 0:59
06. Williwa 3:28
07. The Bridge 1:36 Hear This Track
08. Face To Face 4:11
09. The Frolic 4:29 Hear This Track
10. I’ll Be Back 0:39
11. Wait A Minute 1:40
12. Swimming Lessons 2:26 Hear This Track
13. Broken Promise 4:00 Hear This Track
14. In The Water 1:19

15. Close Call 2:14
16. The Choice 3:00 Hear This Track
17. You’re Safe Now 2:16
18. Goodbye 5:08 Hear This Track
19. Letting Go (Vocal by Glen Campbell) 3:29

     Total Score Time: 49:23

Bonus Tracks
20. Country Source 9:57
21. The Story Begins [LP Version With Water & Bird Effects] 2:36

     Bonus Track Time: 12:36


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