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Booking opens 3rd January for BFI members, 5th January non-members

  •   2nd Feb Never Let Go 2010 NFT2
  •   3rd  Feb Petulia 1600 NFT1
  •   3rd Feb The Ipcress File 1830 NFT1
  •   3rd Feb Deadfall 2030 NFT2
  •   4th Feb Goldfinger 1610 NFT1
  •   4th Feb You Only Live Twice 1840 NFT1
  •   5th Feb Four In the Morning 2030 NFT2
  •   6th Feb Spies, Swingers and Shadows - The Films and Scores of John Barry---1810 NFT1 Illustrated discussion
  •   6th Feb You Only Live Twice 2030 NFT1
  •   9th Feb The Whisperers 1800 NFT3
  • 10th Feb John Barry On TV- Masterclass- Omnibus- Clips 1800 NFT3
  • 11th Feb Never Let Go 1520 NFT2
  • 13th Feb Four In the Morning 1745 NFT2
  • 15th Feb Petulia 2040 NFT3
  • 21st Goldfinger 2045 NFT3
  • 24th Feb Boom 1540 NFT2
  • 24th Feb Midnight Cowboy 1750 NFT3
  • 24th Feb The Whisperers 2040 NFT2
  • 25th Feb Deadfall 1815 NFT2
  • 28th Feb Boom 1800 NFT2
  • 28th Midnight Cowboy 2045 NFT1

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DECEMBER 8, 2023

Available for order at


Orquesta de Córdoba, Fernando Velázquez

PRICE: 26,95€
Availability date 12/12/23
Quartet Records is proud to present a brand-new recording conducted by Fernando Velázquez of another film score that is either lost or inaccessible – in this case no fewer than five films scores by John Barry: a suspense classic from the '60s, a film adaptation of a classic play, and three television movies starring Katharine Hepburn.
John Barry would have turned 90 on November 3, 2023. The unforgettable music of this five-time Oscar winner continues to be celebrated around the world, and indeed the impact of his innovative scores for dozens of movies from the 1960s through the '90s continues to reverberate to this day.
Disc 1 includes the complete score of SÉANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (1964), a major work previously missing from the composer’s discography. It was one of his masterpieces for Bryan Forbes that, unfortunately, remained unreleased due to the absence of master tapes. Orchestrated for a small ensemble featuring vibrant percussion and woodwinds, it's a mysterious, suggestive, unsettling score, reaching its culmination in the long rescue sequence.
As a bonus, we have included another rarity that deserves to be rescued. A DOLL'S HOUSE (1973) was one of Barry’s briefest scores: a single, sad melody for celeste, harp, harpsichord and piano, repeated three times during the film's length.
Disc 2 is devoted to three lovely telefilms: a trilogy of period play adaptations starring Katharine Hepburn. LOVE AMONG THE RUINS and THE CORN IS GREEN, both directed by George Cukor in 1975 and 1979, respectively, contain memorable main and love themes, brilliantly orchestrated. The two scores are stylistically similar, featuring strings, woodwinds, piano and harpsichord. THE GLASS MENAGERIE, adapted from Tennessee Williams’ famous play and directed by Anthony Harvey (with whom Barry had previously worked on THE LION IN WINTER) was written for solo piano, performed by the composer himself, who always claimed to be a not-very-good pianist, but it was precisely this innocence and imprecision that Harvey was looking for. For our recording, celebrated pianist Silvia Mkrtchian has approximated the spirit of the original Barry recording.
If there is one thing that the five scores presented here have in common, it's John Barry's great ability to work with small, almost chamber-like ensembles, seeking the specific sound of each story without being an intrusive voice, always with a British personality of reserve and deftness.

Leigh Phillips has painstakingly reconstructed and orchestrated all five scores. They are performed by the prestigious Orquesta de Córdoba conducted by Fernando Velázquez. Recorded and mixed by Marc Blanes, the audio has been meticulously mastered by Chris Malone in the spirit of Barry's original recordings. Elegant design by Nacho B. Govantes with cover art designed by Jim Titus graces a 28-page booklet with an in-depth essay by film music journalist and writer (and major Barry connoisseur) Jon Burlingame.
Thursday, 01 June 2023 17:27

Hammett Revisited by Silva Screen

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Hammett CD visual01

Coming this summer from Silva Screen is a new version of John Barry's music for Hammett.

Containing all the available music for the first time, and with super accompanying booklet notes, which intriguingly includes Barry's own track listing for the original unreleased album.

You will love this film music, carefully and painstakingly put together by experts in their fields.

You can pre-order here...

Hammett layout overview02

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chaplin 30th anniversary expanded editionCHAPLIN: 30th ANNIVERSARY EXPANDED EDITION

Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry
Limited Edition of 3000 Units



Order yours from www.lalalandrecords.com starting12 noon (pst) on 1/13.

La-La Land Records, StudioCanal and Sony Classical celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the 1992 big-screen biographical drama CHAPLIN with a newly remastered, deluxe presentation of the film’s original motion picture score by legendary composer John Barry. Barry’s notable and elegant orchestral score, considered one of late composer’s last great works for the cinema, is an integral part of this creative and thoughtful chronicling of the career of the great Charlie Chaplin starring Robert Downey, Jr. and directed by Richard Attenborough. Romantic, dramatic, comedic and more, Barry’s diverse and thematically rich original score, recorded at Abbey Road with the English Chamber Orchestra, also interpolates a number of Chaplin’s own music compositions such as “Smile” and his scores to CITY LIGHTS and LIMELIGHT. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this special limited edition CD presentation is expanded with previously unreleased material and includes exclusive liner notes by journalist/author Jon Burlingame. This release is limited to 3000 units and features art design by Scott Saslow.


1. Chaplin-Main Theme 3:08
2. Hannah’s Hope† / Workhouse Chase / Mudflats 3:00
3. To The Asylum :57
4. Charlie On Riverbank 1:10
5. Charlie Proposes 3:01
6. Charlie Goes To The U.S. 2:57
7. In The Cutting Room 2:15
8. Discovering The Tramp / The Wedding Chase 4:03
9. Funny With A Hose / This Is My Work 1:26
10. News Of Hetty 1:01
11. Chaplin’s Studio Opening 1:58
12. The Roll Dance 2:34
13. To Salt Lake City 1:07
14. Salt Lake City Episode* 2:11
15. Tea For Four† 1:14
16. Hetty’s Dead / Smile** 2:43
17. Remembering Hetty 2:58
18. I Had No Home :31
19. From London To L.A. 3:21
20. The Hungry People / Smile** 1:50
21. Farewell Sweet Prince** 1:25
22. Joan Out Of Control :58
23. Joan Barry Trouble / Oona Arrives 2:15
24. Premiere Fanfare :43
25. It’s All Over / Guilty 1:20
26. Theme From “Limelight”* :48
27. They’ve Thrown You Out 1:14
28. Madness, Charlie? 1:00
29. Smile** 2:05
30. The Roll Dance 1:48
31. Chaplin-Main Theme / Smile* 4:47
32. Smile** 3:37



33. Early Days In London† 4:18
34. To California / The Cutting Room 3:44
35. News Of Hetty’s Death / Smile** 3:43



*Composed by Charles Chaplin
**Contains “Smile” composed by Charles Chaplin
† Contains “The Honeysuckle and the Bee” by William Penn and Albert H. Fitz

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La-La Land Records have announced the release of an expanded, 30th Anniversary CD edition of "Chaplin", which will be available on 13th January.

What a great way to start the new year!



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MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS1 250pxQuartet Records, Universal Pictures, Geffen Records and Universal Music Enterprises present an expanded and remastered edition of a timeless John Barry classic score for a 1971 Universal film, MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS, directed by Charles Jarrot and starring Vanessa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson, Patrick MacGoohan, Timothy Dalton and Trevor Howard.

More information on the Quartet Records website...

Friday, 28 October 2022 11:44

John Barry Plays 007 - new book

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john barry plays 007  book leonard walker 600px

The stories and artwork behind the music of every James Bond film scored by John Barry alongside 300+ colour images.


Publication Date: Oct 27, 2022
Language: English
    By Geoff Leonard and Pete Walker
    Cover design or artwork by: Ruud Rozemeijer


Pages: 280
Binding: Paperback and Hardback
Interior Color: Color
Dimensions: Crown Quarto (7.44 x 9.68 in / 189 x 246 cm

Order here through the Lulu.com shop
(softcover edition)

- - - - -

Order here through the Lulu.com shop
(hardcover edition)

The price of the books will vary slightly between countries, but is
based on £21 (paperback) and £26.50 (hardback).  Lulu charges postage
at local rates per country.

A limited number of hardback copies are available direct for UK
customers only, priced at £26.50 post-free.
Contact Geoff Leonard for payment details.


"Ordered, thanks for making this available from Lulu for those of us not in the UK. I was very happy with your last book printed by them."


"It looks utterly fantastic, it’s as valuable for the images as it is for the text. I really look forward to diving in... all the wonderful photos, posters, ads and album art. What an accomplishment."

Simon L:

"The best book on Bond music that has ever been published ... superbly written and brilliantly illustrated.(It) set the record straight regarding the ownership of the Bond Theme."

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seance on a wet afternoon   quartet

Very exciting news from Quartet Records, who announced on 28 September:

"We are very excited to announce that Quartet Records is again undertaking to record previously unavailable scores! Next month, October 2022, we will record several unreleased scores by JOHN BARRY with the prestigious Orquesta de Córdoba under the baton of Fernando Velázquez.

The program will include four complete scores, including one of his early masterpieces: SEANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON, as well as the TV trilogy starring Katherine Hepburn: THE CORN IS GREEN, LOVE AMONG THE RUINS and THE GLASS MENAGERIE. Stunning!

Leigh Phillips has painstakingly reconstructed the scores and orchestration and prepared the orchestral parts. He will also attend the recording in a supervisory role. Authoritative Barry expert Jon Burlingame will write the liner notes and supervise the album. Marc Blanes will record the sessions and Chris Malone will mix and master the album. Nacho B. Govantes will design the package. Our loyal collaborators Frank K. DeWald and Edouard Dubois will also be artistically involved in the project.

We're very happy to be able to carry out this project, which will be released in 2023."

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 elizabeth taylor in london sophia loren in rome blu ray Two movie legends, two unforgettable cities.

Unseen anywhere for decades and highly sought after, these early '60s TV specials showcase two Hollywood icons travelling through and reflecting upon the cities they love. Newly-remastered in High Definition from original film elements, both shows feature sweeping, evocative scores from world-famous composer John Barry.

Elizabeth Taylor, who was born in London and lived there as a child, returns to the city that will forever be in her blood and gives her impressions of and reactions to the mosaic of London and Londoners she encounters during her visit.

In a show never seen in the UK, Sophia Loren follows Taylor's lead, but this time in Rome. She meets Marcello Mastroianni as she visits the sights, affectionately commenting on the grandeur of the Eternal City and the irrepressible nature of its people.

[] Limited edition booklet by John Barry experts Geoff Leonard & Pete Walker
[] Elizabeth Taylor in London: original US broadcast presentation
[] Image gallery, featuring many behind-the-scenes stills


You can order on the Network website

Saturday, 12 March 2022 15:17

Music by John Barry

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 Music by John Barry cover   Lulu 2022

The five-hundred page book, fully-illustrated (often with rarely seen images), consists of a chronological exploration of key landmarks underpinning John Barry's illustrious career.

Written in the form of extensively researched essays concentrating on one specific score, over forty  are represented, from the first, Beat Girl, to the last, Enigma. Whether highly acclaimed or lower key films, each chapter sets out, clearly and accurately, the circumstances surrounding the inception and completion of the score under scrutiny and in doing so, provides  fresh insights into John Barry's remarkable legacy.

 Our Redcliffe published book "Music by John Barry" has sold out. However, we have made available a print-on-demand version with identical internal content. The difference is the absence of a dust-jacket for the print-on-demand version.

A limited number of hardback copies are available for UK
customers only, priced at £31.50 post-free.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for payment details.

For those located outside the UK, order here through the Lulu.com shop

The Lulu price will vary slightly between countries, but is based on the
equivalent of £37. Postage will be charged at a rate local for the
country concerned.

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