Andy Williams CD, "Andy Williams" (includes Are You In There)

Monday, 19 September 2005 13:00

Curious about the two versions of "Are You In There?" by Andy Williams, based on the love theme from King Kong? Of course you are! Well, now you can get them, at a reasonable price on one CD:

"Andy Williams" - including 8 bonus tracks
Released September 24, 2002 Label: Collectables
ASIN: B00006LHZ1

1. Yellow Beach Umbrella, 2. Sailin', 3. Thank You, Baby, 4. Since I Fell For You, 5. My Lonely Room, 6. Put Your Blues To Bed, 7. If You Ever Believed, 8. Groovin', 9. Tryin' To Forget I Loved You, 10. The Poem, 11. Love Said Goodbye (Bonus Track), 12. One More Time (Bonus Track), 13. Tell It Like It Is (Bonus Track) , 14. Goin' Through The Motions (Bonus Track), 15. Are You There? (Main Theme From 'King Kong') (Bonus Track), 16. Are You There? ((Main Theme From 'King Kong') (Disco Version) (Bonus Track), 17. Jason (Bonus Track), 18. I'll Never Love Anyone Anymore (Bonus Track).

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