SKYFALL location filming: "M"'s residence John Barry's London home?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 14:11

The rain on the set of the new James Bond set ìSkyfallî drenches Judi Dench.Still photos of Dame Judi Dench as "M" filming Skyfall in London, appear to show her leaving John Barry's former apartment in Cadogan Square, which we assume now belongs to his wife.

The apartment is empty and available for rental so it's perfectly feasible that Laurie could have allowed filming there for a few days, especially given her long-standing friendship with Barbara Broccoli.

Was this merely used as somewhere for Dame Judi to rest between takes in Cadogan Square, or is it going to double as M's or even James Bond's private London residence?

Certainly the interior is rather grand and admirably suited to a person of their standing, though one imagines scenes of this kind would normally be shot in the studio,

We await any further news of this with great interest.
Photos: mi6-hq.com and zimbio.com: also see photo link to their website above.

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