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Aren't You Billy Fisher

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Aren't you Billy Fisher? By gum, you have done well! Lmte Billy
Fisher. You must have lots to tell. My, you're really glowing. You're
too good to be true. Like a cock you're crowing. We're glad we
spotted you.
I'll tell you how I'm living now:
I've got me a yacht and a cat called Camelot,
And a ranch and a purple Cadillac,
A charming chateau, the Swiss side of Buffalo,
A jet and assorted bric-a-brac.
And, whilst playing gin, I was fortunate to win
Some shares from a man called Pontiac.
But I miss me chums from the slagheaps and the slums.
Do you know that I gave me Oscar back?
Good old Billy Fisher, Our local boy's made good. Ee-up, Billy
Fisher, We always knew you would. My, you're proper famous, There's
nothing you can't do. Can you really blame us For being proud of you ?
I've tapped and twirled around the world.
I've danced with them all: Bergman, Streisand and
Bacall, Lucille Ball, Racquet Welch, and Doris Day;
I've tangoed with Liz - she's adorable, she is
I've waltzed on a cloud with Alice Faye,
Mae West is a joy. She said: "I don't dance big boy.
But still come up and see me anyway."
It sounds pretty good, but I missed me Yorkshire Pud,
Sol told MGM I couldn 't stay.
Call him Billy Baby
That's what I'm called back there.
Blue-eyed Billy Baby,
They know me everywhere.
Yes, he's Billy Fisher,
As everybody knows.
Big-time Billy Fisher
Of Fisher Studios.
From Hollywood to Haiti,
From Soho to Ceylon,
He's known as Billy Fisher the phenomenon.
Me! Billy Fisher!
He! Billy Fisher!
No, The Billy Fisher, from now on.
He's the one and only Billy Fisher
From now on!

John Barry
Don Black
sung by Michael Crawford & Company

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