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Mary, Queen Of Scots at BFI

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Mary, Queen Of Scots is being shown on the big screen, NFT3, at BFI SouthBank, London on 3rd July 18.15 and 20th July 20.30.
Part of a Glenda Jackson season.
  • mqos

    Director; Charles Jarrott

  • With Glenda Jackson, Vanessa Redgrave,  Timothy Dalton

  • UK-USA 1971. 127min

  • Digital

  • Certificate 12A

‘They used every passion in their incredible duel and every man in their savage games of intrigue,’ boasted the publicity for the film. It tells of the threat posed to the English throne by Protestant Queen Elizabeth I’s younger Catholic cousin and, packed full of British acting talent, provides its best moment when the two women meet (something that never happened in reality). Jackson is on towering form as the determined, intelligent queen, a role she had recently portrayed in TV’s Elizabeth R.

Mary, Queen of Scots will be released on BFI Blu-ray on Monday 11 July.

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