Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - the DVDs

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - the DVDs

February/April 2005:
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Released 25.04.05), DVD, released in UK.
Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic, English.

As advertised:

aliceA fifiteen year old Fiona Fullerton heads an all star British cast in this double BAFTA winning musical comedy-widely regarded as the most lavish and most faithful adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic Fantasy Novel.

One of the most enduring classic stories of all time! Fully restored, digitally remastered in correct 'Scope Aspect Ratio! Gorgeous Limited Edition DVD boxset with Book! Grade 'A' all star British cast!

Filmed to mark the centenary of the completion of the Alice novels, this extravagantly lush British spectacle, which brings Sir John Tenniel's famous illustrations enchantingly to life with a bewitching score by James Bond composer John Barry and BAFTA winning cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth (2001: A Space Odyssey), is presented for the first time on DVD in its original aspect ratio of 2.35:1 Todd-AO 35 'Scope alongside the classic novel upon which it is most faithfully based.

Stars: Michael Crawford, Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore, Spike Milligan, Sir Michael Hordern, Fiona Fullerton, Sir Ralph Richardson, Dame Flora Robson, Roy Kinnear, Michael Jayston, Hywell Bennett.

* This DVD box set release includes the classic Lewis Carroll book on which the film is based!

On Saturday the 2nd of April, the Daily Express (UK) issued a free DVD with that day's edition of their newspaper. It's from the same source as the forthcoming official UK release (mentioned above), but came in a CD-style cover containing the Daily Express Logo. Readers were also given the opportunity to get a free CD containing the 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' story the following day, in The Sunday Express.

David Wishart commented on the free DVD [Hiachresis discussion group]:

"I mentioned in an earlier post that the sound was "a bit ropey" on this DVD. Well now I know why. It was late here in the UK and I thought I'd not disturb anyone by popping the headphones on and listening to the film that way. Aha ... the producers of the DVD - or someone along the way - had sought to "stereorise" the mono sound! It might sound a bit ropey via speakers but its damned near impossible to listen to on headphones!"


by Geoff Leonard, December 1, 2003

Here is an idea of the poor quality of the Platinum Disc 'Alice' DVD. Click on the jpgs to get a better idea and then imagine it enlarged many times again.

Page best watched at 1024 x 768 or higher.

Here is my review from 2001:

'Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ has been released on DVD

Premiere partyAlice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ has been released on DVD. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the print is so bad, I’ve got a ten-year old video taped from TV with a faulty aerial in better shape! So, only get this if you are desperate (it is cheap) and even then think twice and do without it.

The company concerned is Platinum Disc Corporation of La Crosse, WI, USA, and may God have mercy on them for having the nerve to put this out for public consumption.

It’s pan and scan, unsurprisingly and appears to be region free. Pity the whole thing wasn’t! It’s such a shame that it’s not a decent transfer as it’s an excellent film. In fact, I was quite surprised to find so much music not on the original Warner Brothers LP. This is definitely a candidate for some enterprising company or person to re-record with all the songs and musical bridges intact.

Another release on dvd found

"December 16, 2003.

alice John Barry Yahoo group member Alan More has found another dvd release of 'Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’. He writes this about it:

A widescreen Alice's Adventures in Wonderland DVD is available at:

I (Alan, ed.) have received it and here are my comments:

The good news:
The web page says Region 4, but it's Region free.
The web page says Full Screen, but it's Widescreen 2.35 letterbox.

The bad news:
The web page page says Stereo, but soundtrack is mono DD 2.0

Video quality is a lot better than the poor Platinum canadian release.
Audio quality is standard mono (clean but not hifi). "

To enable capture from PowerDVD, I had to disable the hardware-assist feature, and the motion of characters may be somewhat blurred.

Alan More

Pan and scan captures provided by Geoff Leonard.
Widescreen captures provided by Alan More.

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

alice   alice

New offerings found on Amazon.com

In addition to the previously reviewed Platinum Corp and Aussie DVDs, there are now four more versions available. Here is what detail we can establish (very sketchy) with a warning that it's very likely that only the Universal one (out shortly) is official.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Digitally Remastered)
Studio: Digiview Productions
Format: Color, Full Screen
Audio Encoding: Stereo


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Studio: Westlake Ent. Group
Format: Color, DTS Surround Sound, Original recording remastered

 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Studio: Bci Eclipse Company
Format: Color, Closed-captioned

 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Studio: Universal Studios
Features: Full Frame 1.33
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.1 English
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